Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nine Months and Hungry!

Avery is now nine months old and loving life. She is almost always happy and squealing with delight with even the slightest efforts to make her smile. She is happiest when she's eating, however. The doctor gave us the go-ahead to switch to all solid food. She is indulging in tiny bites of meat, veggies, fruits, cheeses, breads and pastas and is loving every bite! At her 9-month appointment, she only weighed in the 10th percentile (16.3 lbs) so I'm happy she has a healthy appetite. I just gave her formula for the first time yesterday because I think my body isn't making enough milk for her anymore. The doctor told me to give it to her once a day to make sure she's getting enough nutrients. She didn't like it too much, but I'll keep trying to supplement!

I've seen her crawl on her knees a couple times, but she still favors pulling herself around on her stomach. I should dress her in Swiffer cloths and get gleaming floors without all the time and effort! (heh heh) Avery says "Dada" upon request, but has forgotten all about "Mama," which she used to say all the time. Go figure. :) She's a great sleeper, still logging 12 hours at night and two naps of 2-3 hours each during the day. She's such a sweet little girl! We know too well how fast it goes by - we are cherishing every minute of her babyhood!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happenings of Late

Lots of stuff going on in the Wallace household in the last month. Here's a review in pictures...

Daddy came home after many weeks on det to lots of smiles from his girls! He was out in Yuma, AZ for 5 weeks and then he went to the boat for a week. He spent that week practicing landing on it and to got a small taste of how it will be to live on a boat for six to seven months. Not exactly fun!

AK has been playing t-ball on our church's league since April. She's having so much fun. She's getting better and better with each game. Her outfield time consists mostly of looking up at the sky and playing with the dirt and the little girl next to her, but at least she's got the batting and running the bases down pat. :)

AK and Avery had lots of fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa while Mike and I took a trip to Phoenix to be part of our friends' wedding. Thanks again, Lee and Ginger, for coming to visit us and taking such great care of the girls while we were gone!

While in Phoenix I was so happy to see several friends I'd missed since they moved out west. [My pics of Jon and Kim (bride and groom) - as well as my friend Lindsey - are on Mike's camera, so as soon as I can find it... :)]

Mike and Colin were in the sword detail, and Sarah and I were bridesmaids. It was such a great time spent with great friends. Can't put into words how much we miss you guys already!

Beach days ahead!!! We drove over to Atlantic Beach for the first time this season. It was a bit windy, but still warm and beautiful. Avery ate a few bites of sand before I had to convince her it really doesn't taste all that great. She loved the beach. (She did not like her sister's cold, wet lap, however!)

Abby Kate performed in her very first dance recital last weekend. I was so proud of my little ballerina!!! She did very well. I hope she continues to like dance in the years to come.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Still Here

We have been so busy lately that I haven't had the chance to post in several weeks. We are doing well and just trying to enjoy the few days here and there that we get to spend with Daddy who has either been at work or traveling for work most of the time in preparation for his upcoming deployment. But I have many updates and pictures coming soon!