Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our Little UK Fan

Since Abby Kate can clap her hands with such great precision, she has earned her status as a UK cheerleader. And now she's proud to wear the white and blue! (Let it be noted that Cousin William is not (and will not) be a cheerleader. I believe he's on the football team.)

C-A-T-S, Cats! Cats! Cats!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Blank Slate

Losing all the stuff of my hard drive was really bad. If you still haven't backed up yours - Do. It. Now. So I finally got my computer back from the shop. A cool $400 to give me my computer back with nothing on it except the operating system.

"Oh, you need us to take a look at your computer? That'll be $50. No, nothing's salvagable, so you'll need a new hard drive. That'll be $120. Oh and we'll need to install it, so that'll be another $100. Yeah, and it's another $100 for the OS and for us to install that."


I've spent the last few days uploading all my design software and catching up on tons of projects for clients that were put on hold. It feels weird to start from scratch as far as my library of design work. It's sort of refreshing at the same time, though. But, OK, totally not refreshing enough to be worth losing everything!

So I'm back up and running with our new external hard drive in place. Which means there are new blog updates and pictures to be posted... so ya'll come back soon!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Computer Crash Update

It's gone. All of it. Lesson learned.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Let This Be a Lesson!

Stop what you are doing right now, find or buy any external data holding device and back up your hard drive. Really, right now!

I'm blogging from Mike's computer today after my system crashed this weekend. We're still not sure if I've lost everything, but if I have, it's going to be devastating. If the computer store I took my laptop to can't recover my files, we'll lose every picture I've ever taken of Abby Kate. We'll lose the 10 months of the video editing I did, creating a montage of AK's firsts. We'll lose the hundreds of iTunes songs we purchased. We'll lose all the financial history and addresses and tons of other information we need. And worst of all, I'll lose thousands of dollars of all of my clients' design work over the last five years.

I had never had one issue or problem with my Apple Powerbook G4. But I think I must've overloaded it with software and files. I should've known to back it up. I'm such an idiot thinking it would never crash. Please pray that the computer people can retrieve our stuff!

And, again, take the time to back up your hard drive!