Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Summer has Eaten Us Alive!

In a good way. :) We have been so busy with work and vacations and pool time and parties and visitors and... well the list goes on.  But it hasn't left me much time for blogging since Mike's been home.  We are still feeling the homecoming bliss two months after Mike's return.  I still give thanks to God several times a day that he is back, whether he's physically with us or not. 

Here's an update through pictures of our summer so far.  It's been a lot of fun! Unfortunately Mike is leaving for several weeks next month. :(  But we are planning to fly across the country for a few days to see him while he is in Arizona and to visit our friends, the Newbolds.  We'll get to celebrate Avery's 2nd birthday while we're there. Yay!!

First Baptist Church Tee Ball!

AK performed in the "Lion King" recital with Down East Dance in May. She was a bird if you can't tell. :)

Fun in Texas with Mike's family. Doesn't it show on Avery's face? Haha. Daddy may have mistaken her for a bowling ball. :)

Cousin Josh enjoying the slip-n-slide before a vicious fire ant attack took place.  AK's face and ears swelled up so bad I thought we were going to have to take her to the hospital!

Grandma and Daddy helping Avery with a swim suit that floats!

Cousin Luke showed us his great diving skills.

On the ferry ride to Ocracoke Island, NC!

We spent the week riding around bicycle style!  So much fun.

The beach at Ocracoke.

Lighthouse on the island.

Found them "sleeping" this way one summer afternoon. So sweet.

Fun at New York-themed Vacation Bible School in June.

Mommy was the preschool craft teacher at VBS. This was my room.

Cousins Austin and William with Avery and AK enjoying a swing before dinner out in Myrtle Beach.  Mom, Dad, Brian and Carrie all came down to celebrate Dad's birthday on July 4th!

For Avery, the higher the better!

The kids REALLY  enjoyed the live music at the restaurant one night. They danced and laughed and wouldn't leave this guy alone!

Love you Mom and Dad!

One of the many fun pools at the condo.

Feeding some really ugly fish. :)

Off to the park in New Bern one afternoon!