Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Random AK Quotes

Apparently Abby Kate has thought all along that "grilled cheese" was "girl cheese" because yesterday we were sitting at Andy's burger restaurant and she said she wanted a BIG girl cheese sandwich.

There was this huge, fat fly buzzing around our house. It was flying real slow and was really loud because it was so big. And especially annoying. Abby Kate said, Mommy, you better go get the flash water. I started to correct her and it took me a few seconds to think of the right term after she jumbled it up so much. Fly Swatter - right.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Three Already?!

Dear Abby Kate

I'm astounded at how much a child can grow and change in three years. Amazing. It's bittersweet because I adore the young girl you're becoming, but I'm going to miss your sweet baby-ness so much. And you just keeping getting more and more grown-up-looking and -sounding. Three years ago today I held your beautiful and precious life in my hands for the first time. And it's all gone by way too fast. Can't we just stay still for a little while?

You are my beautiful, little girl who I love beyond what I can say or write. You are so sweet and funny and just too smart. I could watch you play make-believe all day long. And I don't mind one bit that you correct me 20 times a day. (OK, it's a TRIcycle, not a BIcycle - sorry, you're right.) Your jovial personality and constant laughter keep us smiling. I love how great you are with Avery. You are the biggest helper! She will grow to love you so much. I am simply overflowing with love and pride for you. I thank God that He gave us you... we love you always.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Hard Goodbye

Yesterday we spent the day at our friends', the Newbolds', house helping them box up and load all their possessions into a huge moving truck parked outside their house. Minute by minute, the house got emptier and my heart seemed to do the same. But we couldn't chain them down :) ... so Colin, Sarah, Eden, Maren and their dog Grace are on their way to Yuma, AZ, where Colin will be stationed as a Harrier pilot for the next few years.

We met the Newbolds back in Virginia when Mike first joined the Marine Corps and we moved from there to Florida to Mississippi to North Carolina together over the last three years. Sarah and I had Maren and AK within weeks of each other, and our three girls became the best of friends. (I'm just sorry Avery won't grow up so closely with them.) Our time here in NC together was especially fun and memorable. Our families get along so well and we have so much in common. We will miss them terribly! It was so hard to say goodbye and even more difficult to watch our girls hug and say their goodbyes. In fact, when I told AK that Eden and Maren were moving, she simply said, "well, I better start packing." :)

Thank you, Colin and Sarah, for sharing your lives and your girls with us and for being such great friends and, well, our family here. Sarah, thank you for all the support you've given me. You are such a wonderful mom and friend and I've learned so much from you. I love you, and I'm so sad you left.

You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers as always. We wish you an easy and painless move and the best of luck in Yuma! We are looking forward to future visits!!!

One last playdate for the girls.

And one last dinner together at our house.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture Post

Since I haven't had time to post as much as I want about recent happenings with our family, I'm going to try to catch up with a post full of pictures.

Mike's parents came in August to meet Avery.

Mike brother CJ and his family came shortly after. We met our sweet little nephew, David. We took a trip to the beach. Luke and AK had a great time. And it was a first for Avery and David.

Mike holding baby David.

Uncle Bill meets his newest neice.

Mike was promoted to Captain in early October. Congrats, hon!

During my visit home last week, I met my new nephew. Here's AK and Avery with cousins William and Austin.

Mimi and Pawpaw with their two youngest grandchildren.

We made a trip to the pumpkin patch at Huber's Farm in Indiana.

Avery is such a happy baby! She smiles all the time now.

We met Lyndsay's son Eli. He's a doll. He and Avery are only 14 hours apart!

Uncle Brian meets his newest neice.

Avery met Mawmaw, her great-grandmother while we were home.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nine Hours!

Nine hours of uninterrupted slumber!!! Thank you, Avery! Here's hoping tonight goes as well.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Still Here

Mike has been in Maine for training, so the girls, Junah and I traveled to Kentucky on Monday. We have been enjoying a week spent with my family. Dad, Brian and Carrie got to meet Avery for the first time and we met my nephew, Austin (7 weeks old). He's adorable! It's been great but the week has flown by, as always, and I haven't had time to see everyone.

We're going to have a birthday party for Abby Kate on Sunday, although her birthday isn't until the 26th. It'll be the first family birthday she's had. My grandmother and some of my aunts and uncles and cousins are all going to come and celebrate with us. It'll be great! Pictures to come!