Tuesday, June 07, 2011

After and Since

The homecoming was great.  I can't describe the anticipation of that moment, but I know when those jets appeared like tiny dots in the sky and seconds later they zoomed overhead... that was a moment I'll never forget.  There's a sign at the front gate of the base here that reads, "Pardon Our Noise. It's the Sound of Freedom." That thunderous roar has forever marked a spot in my heart after it announced my love was home. And that he did a very brave and selfless thing like so many others to protect our freedom. And now he was home safe. Finally. Finally.

We came to the house afterward and immediately started playing in AK's room at her request.  The girls were all over him and couldn't get enough tickling and wrestling.  I watched in awe as they laughed and played. Avery went right to him and was calling him "Dada" right off.  I wasn't sure if she'd remember having just barely been a year when he left, but she did! Anytime he leaves the house now, she stands at the window and says, "Where Dada go? Daddy. Home."

The past month has been bliss here with Mike home.  Having him by our side no matter what we do or where we go is just priceless.  I still feel like it's a gift every day just to physically have him here in this house for any portion of the day.  Mike said it is like sensory overload being back. He said when he came off the jet, to see and hug us and then seeing/smelling the grass and all the trees was so wonderful.

We traveled to TX to see Mike's family for a few days and then went to Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks for a few days.  It was heaven and I'm sad Mike had to go back to work yesterday.  But I'm not complaining because, like I said, it is so, so great just to know he's here. Just being able to talk to each other on the phone and via texting when he's at work is awesome. One of the MANY things I took for granted before he left.

Most people ask me if he'll have to be deployed again. I'm sure that's the case, and we may have to go through another one starting July of 2012, but things constantly change with this lifestyle so I'm trying not to even think about that right now. I just want to live in the moment and keep thanking God that Mike is here and safe with us!