Friday, May 30, 2008

The Verdict

Just a quick post to tell you...

We got our #1 choice! Mike will be flying Harriers and we'll be living in Cherry Point, NC!!!!

We are absolutely thrilled! I have much more to post on Mike's winging - which was today - and all the events surrounding it.

Way to go, Mike!!! I love you and we are so proud of you!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still Waiting...

I was nervous and anxious all day yesterday as I was awaiting the call from Mike to tell me where we're moving next. There are so many very different places it could be... California, Washington state, North or South Carolina, Arizona... ahem, Japan. That last one just isn't easy to consider. But unfortunately it's a possibility. (So you can understand my angst.)

I was waiting and waiting, trying to busy myself and not pace the floor. I called my friends, Sarah (whose husband is also selecting) and Sommer, at one point to jokingly tell them that Mike and I must be going to Japan because I had just received a bad omen outside my door... I walked through the living room and happened to look out the front window to find a big hearse parked right in front of our house. I thought, 'that's creepy. Who drives a hearse around in neighborhoods? And why is it parked in front of our house?!' It was gone after 30 minutes. So umm, not sure what that was all about.

All my nervous energy went to waste, however, because when Mike finally did call, he informed me that we wouldn't find out just yet. He has a couple more flights to finish because of his appendicitis setback. So hopefully we'll know by the end of the week.

I'll post as soon as I know!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun Indoors

Abby Kate's current favorite book is about pink cupcakes. So I thought she'd love to help me make some real ones. She liked watching the preparing and baking process, but when one of the pink-iced, gi-normous cupcakes was placed before her, she was very apprehensive about holding it or eating it. (I know, she must not be my daughter after all. ha, ha.) So now we have way too many cupcakes that will inevitably be eaten by me, if not Mike.

My cupcake-making idea may not have appealed to AK, but my fort-building idea certainly went over well. We had a couple of hot, muggy and rainy days here last week, so I decided we would stay indoors. It's amazing what a couple of chairs and a sheet can do. Abby Kate had a great time in her "house" as she called it. She brought all of her favorite dolls and stuffed animals inside, as well as a book to read and her piano for entertainment. We played in there all morning before its allure wore off.

I'm hoping the weather gets better here soon, so we can play outside without dripping with sweat within five minutes of stepping out the door. The humidity has been terrible!

On that note, I must also remind you that we won't be down this far south too much longer. In fact, Mike finds out tomorrow (!!!) what he'll be flying and where our next move will be. I'll post the news as soon as I know!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


From left, Mike, John, Troy, Kurtis and Colin. They're standing a little too close to the edge for my taste!

Hooray! Mike successfully completed his carrier qualification! He spent Monday and Tuesday of last week bouncing, landing and catapulting his jet on/off of an aircraft carrier off the cost of San Diego. He said the feeling was unbelievable. His adrenaline was in overdrive. He said being catapulted off the ship was really cool, and that the force of being shot off was much more extreme than he expected. He had a great time out there with his buddies/classmates. He couldn't tell me enough how fun it was. Above is a picture of them on the back of the ship sporting their 'staches. And of course here's a close-up of Mike's mustache for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, it's so blonde that you can't appreciate the utter hilarity through this picture.

Another tradition is for the spouses to create a congratulatory sign/banner to hang when their husband CQs. Here's the one I painted and displayed the day Mike came home.

Mike in front of the USS Stennis while it was still docked. It traveled nearly 100 miles off the coast before Mike and his classmates landed on it.

Hanging out on the ship between flights. They also slept one night on the carrier. Mike said he can't imagine having to live on one.

He qualified in this jet.

Looking down the carrier's runway.

This is the mechanism that catapults the jet. It connects to the front of the plane and pulls it down the runway.

This lighting device is what the pilots look at while they're landing to determine if they are too high or too low before hitting the deck.

Relaxing oceanside after all the hard work is done!

Mike has a handful of Air Combat Maneuvering flights left before he'll (hopefully) graduate on May 30. There will be a big winging ceremony on base and lots of parties to follow. We are very excited to get done here and move on to the next phase. I can't wait to share the news of where we'll be moving next. We should know sometime before May 30.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day

Since Mike was gone on Mother's Day, the Tuckers invited Abby Kate and I to spend the day at their pastor's home for a horse-ridin'-gun-shootin'-fishin'-good time. The called it their redneck holiday. All the kids had a great time playing in the dirt and petting the horses while the mommies attempted some target practice. (I did not hit any targets, by the way... unless the random trees I hit were considered good shots. ha, ha)

We had a fun time, and I was glad we got to spend the holiday with our friends. Especially in Mike's absence. Thanks, Sommer and Chad, for inviting us!

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. She has brought endless joy to my life and I love her so, so much!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Daddy Flies

Yep, that's Mike in there!

Even though Mike has been flying these super fast jets for a year now, Abby Kate and I just got our first look at him in action on Friday. The squadron held a family day where all the wives got to take a ride out to the middle of the GIANT runway and be literally feet away from where our husbands did their "bouncing." Abby Kate and I were outfitted with earplugs and I had my camera ready. I was told Mike would be flying jet 1-0-0. We watched awhile before the guys got into the air and into their pattern. It wasn't long before 1-0-0 came storming out of the sky and down onto the runway for a quick tap and then back up so fast I'm surprised I aimed my camera successfully. The noise was tremendous. Abby Kate DID NOT like it at first. But the more I explained that Daddy was flying that plane, the more she got into it. She kept saying "Daddy fwies," while pointing to the planes. She even talked on the radio to him saying, "I wubbee" [I love you] - except we found out later we were talking to the wrong pilot. :)

It was so awesome to see Mike fly. It was cool to see his pilot friends and classmates in the jets among his as well. He did very well, which made me feel so much better about him actually landing on the carrier next week. I was so proud of him... he looks dang good in the jet, too! However once you get up close you see the huge, furry mustache he's been growing (a tradition of the pilots that are preparing for their initial carrier qualification). Mustaches look fine on some people, but it doesn't fit Mike one bit and catches me off guard every time I look at his face. I crack up at it. Abby Kate pokes it and says "nassy, NASSY!" [nasty, NASTY!]. haha. He has managed to avoid my camera thus far, but I'll do my best to get a close up of it before he leaves Friday for the boat.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back to Work

Great news! Dad went back to work today. He's just doing a half day and not trying to push it too much. I know all of his c0-workers are happy to have him back. (Thanks again to all of you for your prayers, cards and visits to the hospital.) I am so happy he's back to work and feeling a bit more normal with every passing day.

He is feeling pretty good and has been walking up and down their street (hills included). I'm so proud of you, Dad! You're doing SO good!