Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hi. Still pregnant. :)

I went to my weekly OB appointment yesterday and it sounds like I'm going to be pregnant for a while longer. No surprise, really, as this is my luck. Pregnancy does me no favors... except for the ultimate blessing at the long-awaited end (which is worth every discomfort - not that I'll want to do it again, though!). The doctor says I haven't dilated any, unfortunately. My due date is next Sunday, Aug. 9. I won't be surprised to go well past it, like with AK. But there's always hope!

We've been trying to stay busy to keep my mind off waiting. I took AK to the new aquatic center here a couple times. Yesterday we did 'Mommy and Me' pottery painting at a neat place here in New Bern. Abby Kate painted a plate complete with her purple handprint and mommy painted a piggy bank for Avery. It was really fun. I could spend everyday in that place!

This morning, I'm headed to a coffee date with some friends and then to gymnastics this afternoon. Next week, I have a pregnancy massage lined up and another OB appt. on Thursday. Besides that, I'm trying to get all my work projects complete before Avery's arrival.

I hope there will be a post announcing Avery's birth soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Full Term and on Standby

Mike took this picture of me after church (and a trip to Dunkin' Donuts!) this morning. Glazed munchkins certainly aren't helping my figure at this point, but the point of me caring has most definitely passed. :) I'm considered full term now with three more weeks to go - if I go on time. I'm due Aug. 9.

So far I've had no reason to think I'll go early. I feel better than I have for most of the pregnancy, in fact. This has been almost a carbon copy of my pregnancy with Abby Kate. So if that's any indication for labor timing... well then I may just go to 41 weeks again.

We went to the hospital's maternity open house to check things out last week. Seeing the rooms made me a little nervous, knowing labor is eminent!

Nonetheless, I'm so excited that we'll get to meet Avery soon and that I'll be on my way to feeling 'normal' again.

I'm having lovely daydreams of going for long runs. We recently got a new double jogging stroller that is simply the best thing ever. I researched one for weeks and I am so, so pleased with the BOB Ironman Sport Utility stroller. I would highly recommend it if you want a stroller built for long, safe runs with your kids. It is so light and smooth and handles 1,000 times better than my first single Jeep jogger. I'll link the pic to info about the stroller if you happen to be looking for one. It also comes in a single. (Thanks to all my friends who gave me gift certificates to BabiesRUs at my shower! We will get SO much use out of this stroller.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Girls' Rooms

I procrastinated for an entire year on completing Abby Kate's room decor. And I may have let it go even longer had we not gotten pregnant with Avery. But I couldn't decorate Avery's nursery without finishing AK's room, so we just did both at once. Finally, we are done. Well almost - Avery's room still needs a few more touches. Abby Kate loves her pink room!