Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Trimester and Other Updates

The first few months of this pregnancy have been no surprise. I was surprised, however, that I had forgotten exactly how bad it was last time with AK. I've hardly posted blog entries since November because I've been feeling TERRIBLE! I'm nauseous all day, everyday. And I'm getting sick three and four times a day. Just like before. So I'm convinced this is another girl. I know how sick you get is really no true indicator, but I just feel like it's another girl. I hope I'm wrong, because we would love to have a son. Of course I would love another girl just like Abby Kate, too! But if we have another girl, chances are Mike will want to try AGAIN for a boy and well... not sure I'm up to it! :) Me and pregnancy do not get along!

I'm still holding out hope that the nausea will subside by the time the second trimester rolls around. If that's the case, I'd only have one or two more weeks of this misery.

I have aversions to almost everything I've eaten lately. The problem is that the only thing that keeps the nausea at bay for even a little while is to eat. Eating when you feel sick is the last thing you want to do, so it's a real struggle everyday. Uuuugh! So enough about that. All of that was to explain why I'm a blog slacker. :)

We are currently redecorating Abby Kate's room as she so bravely moved into her 'big girl bed' at the start of this year. Mike and I painted her room and made a headboard for her full-size bed. She now sleeps in it like a champ and hasn't fallen out once. I'm excited to post pictures of her new room as soon as we complete it. All of her nursery furniture has been moved and set up in another room for welcoming our new bundle in August.

Besides feeling sick, I've been staying very busy with my design work, and I still try to hit the gym as much as I can. And I'm looking forward to a trip home to KY next week!

Mike is back to work and flying again since the holidays have passed. I am a lot more apprehensive when he leaves each morning now after the Harrier crash that happened here a few weeks ago, killing a Marine pilot that was in Mike's squadron. We were so sad for that Marine and his family. And I couldn't help but think what if it had been Mike? It made the fears of how dangerous his job is come right to the surface again. Please continue to pray for Mike's safety and for the safety of every man and woman in uniform as they put themselves in danger to protect our freedom.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas in Texas

We are back home after a trip to Tyler to visit Mike's family for Christmas. Thanks to the Wallaces for a great time, great food and some really cool Christmas gifts, like a taser (don't mess with me!), a full day at the spa, and a Wii!

Abby Kate had a great time playing with her cousins, Luke (21 months) and Josh (4 months). They played all over the ranch and even got to watch Daddy and Uncle CJ fly their airplane overhead and then land it on a grass strip on the ranch's West field.

Ladies' day at the spa.

AK baby Josh and Luke.

Mike and his brothers' Interstate Cadet before takeoff at a nearby airport.

Grandma taking Luke and AK on a stroll down to the barns.

Roasting 'marshmelons' for S'mores.

AK entertaining herself on the flight home with a puzzle from my friend Sarah's mom. Thanks, Cindy, it was perfect!