Monday, November 21, 2011

Hawaii Bound!!!!

We hugged and kissed the girls goodbye this morning. I cried, of course. But here we are in 21A and B. As I key this entry we are flying over the Pacific. Destination: Oahu!!! The nine hour flight isn't that bad so far. We only have a couple hours left! It's a lot easier when you don't have to worry about keeping your kids quiet. :) We've been watching movies, reading, playing checkers on the iPhone... And having uninterrupted conversations! I forgot what that's like!!! They're having a contest of who can guess the exact midway point of the flight down to the second. So naturally Mike got to work calculating wind speed and altitude. I hope we win and that the prize is a million dollars. :)

We are looking forward to some long overdue quality time together. I know we'll come back refreshed and itching to get our arms around our baby girls.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Picture Update!!

We've missed Daddy so much over the past three months that he's been gone off and on. We were really happy to welcome him home last Friday! We went to base and surprised him by being there when he landed. The girls wore their Halloween costumes since Mike has missed Halloween for the past three years.

Here are a bunch of pics from the last few months including fall festivals, Halloween, Mike's homecoming and the USMC Birthday Ball.

Mike and I leave for Hawaii (!!!!) next week for 10 days and we can't wait!! The girls will be staying in KY with Mimi and Pawpaw. We are attending Mike's brother's wedding in Hawaii and decided to make a second honeymoon out of it. Last time we were there was our first honeymoon. Ten years ago. So excited to go back!