Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tears for Daddy

Mike's been gone for five weeks now. AND HE COMES HOME TODAY!!! We are so happy!

This det has been especially hard for Abby Kate. A few days ago she had a melt-down in the grocery store because I wouldn't buy her a balloon. She pretty much lost her mind- I had NEVER seen her act that way before. Her cries turned into to heaving sobs and yelling right there in the check-out line. I found myself almost laughing at how bizarre she was acting. I asked her repeatedly to calm down and maybe we'd get a balloon next time. That was not what she wanted to hear, so more crying, more screaming...

The check-out lady said, "I have a Food Lion balloon here if she wants it?" I smiled at her and said thank you, but ABSOLUTELY NOT! No way was I going to reward her tantrum. :) So we walked out of the store as she cried and reached back for the grocery store and the princess balloon.

We get in the car and I tell her I'm going to call Daddy and tell him how terrible she was behaving. She started crying "Noooooo!!!! Don't tell him!!!" Then said through broken sobs and breaths:

AK: "You... know... why I'm cr....y-ing, Mommy?

Me: "Because you wanted a balloon?"

AK: "Because I miss Daddy-yyyyyyyyyy!" [crying his name]

Daggers. In. My. Heart.


My reaction must have told her plenty because every time she cries now about anything? Turns out she misses Daddy. :) Which has changed my reaction to an eye roll. She has been spending lots of time with her new Daddy Doll, a popular item for kids with moms or dads in the military. (I ordered AK and Avery one each. You can find them here.) "Daddy" has been going everywhere with AK.

We are SOOOO excited to be reunited with real Daddy today!!!!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Holiday Weekend Fun

This past Easter weekend was packed full of activity. I got up bright and early to run the Papa John's 10 Miler in Louisville with my friends Lyndsay and Pat. It was fun despite the hills and the rainy weather. My sore legs reminded me that I'm not so young anymore, and that I should actually train for those longer races. :) L & P - thanks for inviting me to run. Hope to join you guys again next year! And Pat, good luck on the mini!

Easter was great spent with my family. (We really missed Daddy, though!) We went to church and then spent the day outdoors - cooking out and playing with the little ones. AK and Avery wore matching blue gingham dresses. William and Austin wore matching blue and white vests and khakis. They were so adorable. If only we could've gotten them all to sit still, look at the camera and stop crying! haha

Excuse the pictures... though convenient, camera phones just aren't the same!