Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Extra Love for Daddy This Christmas

We are gearing up for a trip to Kentucky this Christmas! We're driving up tomorrow after Mike gets off work, and we are very excited to see family and friends. Abby Kate is intent upon making sure we have cookies made and a note to leave for Santa. Will he visit Mimi and Pawpaw's house? Will he know she'll be there? We've assured her that, yes, he will know where she is, and as long as she's a really good girl he'll bring her the one and only thing she wants for Christmas: Taylor Swift music. I know. Weird for a 3-year-old! But she LOVES her songs. Even though she gets the words all wrong - which I'm sort of happy about because they're not completely G-rated!

This Christmas is bittersweet for AK, Avery and me because next year Daddy won't be here for the holidays. We recently found out Mike will be deploying next Fall and will be based on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean for seven months. That will be very hard for our family, but we are trying to concentrate on the fact that he is here now, and we're going to soak him up until he leaves.

We are praying for all those families with military men and women overseas this Christmas!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving in Texas

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with Mike's family in Tyler, TX. It was a great visit and wonderful to see all the grandchildren together. Five now! We spent time relaxing on the ranch, eating, playing with the kids, shopping and Christmas tree cutting. Thanks to the Wallaces for having us!

Here's an attempt at a shot of all the grandkids. They were squirmy little worms!

Since we got back, I feel like I have no time to get anything done. And there's so much to do! This time of year is always so hectic, and I am not organized in the least. So I've clearly been slacking on the blog posts. Not to mention I still haven't even designed a birth announcement for Avery and she's almost four months old. Anyhow, I hope to post pics of our Christmas decorating soon. And I guess we'd have to actually decorate before I can do that!

OK, more soon. :)