Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Entering Our 15th Week

While we were doing yard work this weekend, Mike took this picture of me. I thought I'd share it for all those who have requested that I send pictures of my pregnant belly. Well, at nearly 15 weeks, here we are.

We had a doctor's appointment Friday and got to meet our OB, Dr. Branton, for the first time. She's funny. We really like her. As soon as she walked in the door, she gave us both huge hugs. What a greeting from someone we've never met! She's really nice. She weighed me, took my blood pressure and then got the sonogram machine out so we could hear the heartbeat. The last time we tried to hear it (at seven weeks), the machine was broken. No better luck this time, unfortunately. The baby's heartbeat registered on the machine at 155 bpm, but we couldn't hear it because she said the sound of my heart was overpowering it. I was bummed, but to our delight, she offered to take us next door for an unplanned ultrasound to make up for it. It was amazing! The baby has grown so much since we last saw him/her. It was moving around a lot, swinging its arms and we think he/she may have had the hiccups. The baby turned and looked right at us briefly, then we saw the profile for a little bit before he/she curled up toward my back. We asked if the sex could be determined, but Dr. Branton said it's too early and she scheduled me for a 20-week ultrasound. So we should find out in another 5 1/2 weeks!

I'm still feeling nauseous and exhausted most days. I joined a gym here and ran a couple miles on the treadmill today. I was feeling good until I got sick in the locker room afterward. The only things that stay down now are chicken noodle soup and crackers. We've stocked up!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dad's Sleep Apnea Surgery

After a long day in the hospital yesterday, Dad got to come home around 6 p.m. It was supposed to be a quick outpatient procedure, but there were some complications post surgery. They couldn't stabilize Dad's blood pressure for a few hours after the surgery, and when they tried to take him off the oxygen supply, he could not breath sufficiently on his own. This was, of course, very scary for my family. We were relieved when the doctors finally said he was OK and that he could come home to heal for the next several days.

He's in a lot of pain right now. I talked to him briefly on the phone last night, but he couldn't stay on the line for long because it was hard for him to talk and breath at the same time. Plus, the painkillers were knocking him out.

The doctors removed 95% of the blockage in his nose. They couldn't remove all of it because they were afraid that the structure of his nose may collapse. In a week or so, I think he will realize a huge difference in his breathing. I can't wait to hear how much better he's going to feel!

Today, he goes back in to the hospital to have the gauze removed. I've heard from other people that they pack nearly 25 feet of gauze up the nose. Can you imagine?! I hope the removal is not too painful.

Thanks for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers for my dad.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


After dinner at Crabs.

We love visitors! We had the pleasure of Mom and Dad's company Thursday through Sunday last week. I'm so glad they came down for a few days to see where we live and spend some time with us. The first day we took them to lunch at a little cafe in Milton and gave them a tour of our town and the Whiting Field base (where Mike will go to Primary Flight School in July). That night we stopped by the mall in Pensacola to get Dad some new shoes and then headed down to the waterfront for a seafood dinner. We went to a place called Crabs and sat right on the water. There was a full moon. It was beautiful.

The next day, Mike had to go into work early for a couple hours. While he was gone, Dad and I worked on his company's newsletter that I help design each month, and then Mom and I prepared sandwiches and snacks to take to the beach. Upon Mike's return we packed up the car with a cooler full of snacks and beverages, our beach chairs, towels and sunscreen - and of course our two little white pups - and drove to the beach. It was such a gorgeous day. Eighty-five degrees and sunny with a nice southern breeze.

That night we had a cookout and invited our friends, Chad and Sommer to join us. We talked and laughed and ate way too much. But it was delicious!

On Saturday, I took Mom shopping in Destin at Silver Sands. It's a huge outdoor outlet-type place. The only things missing were the outlet-type prices, however. They had one of those fudge stores (my mom LOVES fudge) so we stopped there and treated ourselves to some candy before heading back home. Meanwhile, Mike took Dad to play golf at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola. Mike showed him around the base and then they played 18 holes.

Sadly they had to leave early Easter morning. Dad is having surgery for his Sleep Apnea today, so he needed to get back in time to get ready for that. (There is a very painful recovery period, so please keep him in your prayers.)

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for coming to see us! We had a great time and hope you'll be down again soon. Love you!

Dad, Mom and Cody soaking up the sun. It was Cody's first time at the beach. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Can you see my baby bump?! It's there. Those are maternity shorts, believe it or not! I can no longer button any of my own.

Junah checking out the ocean. After his first horrific gulp of salt water a couple weeks ago, he's thinking: 'So, we meet again.'

Every time one of us would get up off the chair, Junah jumped in.

Cody wore himself out playing in the sand. He got some rest under the shade of Dad's hat.

Settling in for a suntan.

Easter morning breakfast, just before Mom and Dad left. We ate cinnamon rolls, mmmm.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Entering Our 13th Week

Mike and I went to an OB Orientation Class on Monday at the Naval Hospital in Pensacola where our baby will be born. As we walked through the doors, it was surreal to think that in a few months we'll be walking out those same doors with our newborn baby. We spent the day filling out paperwork and learning about different tests I needed to have taken. And finally, I went down to the lab for a PPD (Tuberculosis) Test and also had a couple more tubes of blood taken to test for the Cystic Fibrosis gene. I was glad when that was over. Plus Mike and I were both starving. We left the hospital to do some shopping, but first stopped to get some hamburgers!

So many people have said that the morning sickness should go away at 12 weeks. I was counting on it, and even felt better for a couple days last week, but unfortunately it's still here. For the past two days, I've been sick morning, evening and night. I REALLY hope now that week 13 is here it will go away for good. Today's report: so far so good. I'm SO looking forward to getting rid of the nausea and tiredness!

Oh, and as far as me starting show, Mike and I can tell, but no one else seems to. However, my clothes are telling the true story as they are too tight in the waist. I'll wait another week or so, then post a picture.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Beach Bums Already

My baby

Mike and Junah, testing the waters: Mike for temperature, Junah for taste.

Our brave husbands, Chad (left) and Mike

We spent most of Sunday at Pensacola Beach. It's just a 30-40 min drive from our house. When we pulled up and stepped out onto the sand, I just couldn't get over the fact that we live so close to the ocean. It was a BEAUTIFUL day - sunny and 82 degrees with an occasional mild wind. Perfect.

The Tuckers and their dog, Maggie joined us. We had a really nice time laying in the sand, throwing football, playing with the dogs, listening to music and daring to get into the cold water. Mike and Chad actually swam in it. It was pretty cold, so I went in just about to my knees to splash sand off. Junah went in to his knee level, too. However, he thinks the ocean is a giant water bowl. He drinks, and then he hacks up the salt for awhile afterward.

We're looking forward to going back next weekend if it's nice. It'll feel like vacation every week here. I love it!