Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas in Texas

We are back home after a trip to Tyler to visit Mike's family for Christmas. Thanks to the Wallaces for a great time, great food and some really cool Christmas gifts, like a taser (don't mess with me!), a full day at the spa, and a Wii!

Abby Kate had a great time playing with her cousins, Luke (21 months) and Josh (4 months). They played all over the ranch and even got to watch Daddy and Uncle CJ fly their airplane overhead and then land it on a grass strip on the ranch's West field.

Ladies' day at the spa.

AK baby Josh and Luke.

Mike and his brothers' Interstate Cadet before takeoff at a nearby airport.

Grandma taking Luke and AK on a stroll down to the barns.

Roasting 'marshmelons' for S'mores.

AK entertaining herself on the flight home with a puzzle from my friend Sarah's mom. Thanks, Cindy, it was perfect!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a nice holiday trip. Hope you are feeling well.
Carrie Taylor

Sarah said...

Looks like a beautiful Christmas! So glad the puzzle was useful and that she likes it!

Carrie, Brian and William said...

Looks like you had a great time. AK and her cousins are soo cute together. Look forward to seeing you soon.

sara said...

Enjoyed your update. Look at all the hair on AK! Isabella almost has enough for tiny piggies. Not sure how they would look....but I may try and see...just because we can!
How are you feeling? I'm envious of your day at the spa. That is a great gift. I got some spa treatment gift certificates that I plan to cash in on soon. I'm weird--but my fave is a scalp massage!
Happy New Year to you guys!

Lori said...

Beautiful family picture! Just think next holiday season, you will have one more person in that picture! I am sure you all had a wonderful time at the spa-- you look cute! haha.

Anonymous said...

"land on the Ranch's West wing???" Seriously? Who gets to say that? I personally got the opportunity to start my car each day in my driveway to insure that it would continue to work :)

~Liz H

Cindy (Sarah's mom) said...

Hey Casey...Sarah just told me how to see your blog from hers. SO glad AK liked the puzzle and that it helped on the trip. That's honestly what I had in mind when I got it for her.
Hope to see you before S,C,E,M & G head west! Hope you're feeling great by now.
hugs all around...