Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boy or Girl?????

Brian and Carrie called with the wonderful news yesterday afternoon! They are all smiles, showing off the very first picture of their baby boy. You can see the profile in the first two pictures. The bottom one determines the sex.

Carrie said the baby was so cute, trying to suck its thumb while they watched. But he couldn't quite find his little mouth, so he kept poking his nose. Can you tell who he looks like yet? The baby weighs only 8 ounces at this point. What a miracle that is! They are so blessed. And I know they appreciate your prayers.

Mike and I are so excited about having a nephew! Congrats, Brian and Carrie!


Sara said...

What about naming him Enzo?? Remember him? ;)
A very big congrats to you! How excited you must be!
Lots of prayers going up for you and baby carnes.

Sara & Tommy

Kim said...

How exciting! Matthew and I definitely LOVE our boy, Philip! Now Philip will have a little boy to play with when we visit KY among all the girls!!

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

How exciting Aunt Casey!

Anonymous said...

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