Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mike's Parents Come for a Visit

Although their stay was short, we were happy to have Mike's mom and dad come to visit this past weekend. Lee and Ginger had planned on coming in Friday, but their new plane was still getting all its instruments and things installed. So they headed over from Tyler, TX, Saturday, arriving just before lunch. We brought them by the house to drop off their things and their dog, Dillon, and then headed into Pensacola for a delicious lunch at a small Mexican place called Cactus Flower. Mike and I ordered burritos. They were huge! (And very good.)

We had planned to attend the Blue Angels' airshow on the beach, but were glad we didn't because of the heat and the crowds. Instead, we went to a baby store here in town where Lee and Ginger bought us a gorgeous chair/ottoman glider and a really cool Pack'n'Play (a multi-functional piece that serves as a travel crib, bassinet, play pen and changing table). Very neat! They'll get lots of use in the coming months and years.

We had a very nice time with Mike's mom and dad and were so glad they could come. Lee and Ginger - thanks so much for coming and for all the great stuff you brought us and Abby Kate!

Ginger brought Abby Kate this cute little outfit to wear when she's old enough to walk on the golf course with her daddy. On the pocket it reads: Daddy's Caddy. Isn't that cute?!

A picture of the Pack'n'Play.

I thought this little onesie Ginger brought us was so adorable! It reads: Got Milk?


Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

How fun! what a nice visit. And such great gifts- practical and clever!

Kim said...

You will definitely get good use out of the pack-n-play! Philip still uses it for overnight trips. It was a lifesaver at first too because he slept throughout the day in it in the livingroom. Seeing your new gifts make me that much more excited for you and Mike!! Enjoy these last months of quiet and get as much rest as you can!!

Lori said...

I love that "got milk" onesie. I'm glad you all enjoyed your visit with Mike's parents. I'm sure they're anxious to meet miss Abby Kate!

Mom said...

What wonderful gifts. I know you will use them all the time. That chair and ottoman sound really nice. Ginger,those are great outfits, I love them. I'm sure you guys are just as excited as we are for the arrival of Abby Kate.