Thursday, December 14, 2006

Abby Kate's Debut

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my friend and old college roommate, Sara, hosted a "holding party" for Abby Kate. She let me invite way too many people and then entertained them perfectly with her amazing party-planning talents. She and her husband, Tommy, welcomed 50+ of our dearest friends to their new [BEAUTIFUL!] home. Sara made some delicious appetizers and a beautiful pink cake with Abby Kate's initials. We so appreciated their thoughtfulness in having the party so we could introduce everyone to Abby Kate without having to take her around everywhere visiting people during our short stay in Kentucky.

I found such joy in introducing our daughter to our friends back home. Watching them smile at her and hold her was so special to me. Abby Kate was an angel the entire night. She was awake and perfectly content and bright-eyed, then fell asleep toward the end. I know she won't remember this night, but I always will. Thanks again, Sara and Tommy!!! And thanks to all who came - it was wonderful seeing each of you!

With Sara and her beautiful cake!

Some of the guests

With "Grammy" (so weird to think of my mom as a grandmother now!)

With my sorority sisters. From left: Sara, Ellen (who's expecting!), Meg, Me and AK, Tricia, Maggie, Tracy and Meredith.

Meredith helps with the burping.

Some quality time with Pawpaw.

With Lynds and Meg.

Mike and I had a great time!.

Ellen getting some practice.

Abby Kate meets Izzy, my friend, Liz's baby

Some good food!


Lori said...

What a creative and sweet idea. I'll have to remember the "holding party" for the future.

whitney said...

ha! love the look on meredith and ellens face.

casey, she's beautiful. looks just like her daddy. hope you all have a merry merry christmas and wonderful new year!!


Sara said...

We loved doing it for you! It was a fun night indeed... are right...she was an angel. In fact, all the babies who were here were quiet as a mouse.

Carolyn Schroder said...

I LOVE that idea!! I see many holding parties in our future- thanks Sara for the great idea! Casey you have some wonderful friends!!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

That is just an awesome idea! Sara did a beautiful job! I love the cake!