Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seven Inches of Snow in NC!

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning! We put on the warmest clothing we could find and headed outside to play. The snow was perfect for packing into snowballs or building a snowman. We did a little of both... after Mike shoveled the driveway with a gardening shovel (not prepared for so much snow in these parts!) we built "the biggest snowman ever" at AK's request. Then a snowball fight ensued. I got Mike pretty good a couple times, but he won. I had snow packed in my hair and down my neck! Naturally, we warmed back up with hot chocolate. :)

We only had baby carrots, so we went with coal for everything. :)

Helping place Frosty's nose.

And the scarf. This looks like a snow storm, but it was actually just the wind blowing the thick snow off the trees in our backyard.

Needless to say, Avery didn't stay outside very long. She napped, warm and cozy in her crib during the snowman building and snowball fight. :)

AK enjoying hot chocolate with marshmallows.

As I type this, the sun is already claiming old Frosty. :(


Carrie, Brian and William said...

Looks like you guys had a great time playing in the snow...that is one tall snow man!!

Lori said...

Yeah!!! So glad you guys got some snow! That is THE biggest snowman I have ever seen. The girls look so cute in their snow gear!

Morgan Rae said...

that last picture made me smile! so sweet with her yummy hot chocolate!

Sarah said...

I made it through this post and I'm workin' on the second one! We are VERY impressed with the snowman. Great job, Team Wallace! E & M were watching the Olympics last night and were rooting for a skiier because, "He looks like Mike!" Needless to say, we miss ya!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Great snowman! My favorite part is the hot chocolate though!Griffin looked at the pictures with me and was so jealous...maybe next year I told him!

Anonymous said...

One impressive snowman, Wallaces'!!

Carrie Taylor

Crazy Love said...

AK is so cute. How in the world did you get the snowman so big? Is there some trick??