Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Away

View from the back of the house. Beautiful!
Time flies when you're having fun, and this weekend was a flash!  My friend, Lexie invited us up to the Annapolis area for a long weekend of relaxing by the bay.  We stayed at a beautiful house on the water and enjoyed catching up, touring downtown Annapolis and watching Bailey, AK and Avery play and swim. Lexie's mom and dad were so sweet to come over and watch the girls while we went out one night to enjoy a DELICIOUS dinner at her uncle's restaurant.  We had a fantastic time and I was so thankful to see my friend and just hang out with her again. (Lexie's husband - also named Mike - is in the same squadron, but deployed to Japan right now. While he's gone she has moved back home to get one more semester of law school under her belt while she had the opportunity.)  Thanks so much, Lex. Miss you already!

Deployment Update
Mike is now in the Mediterranean. The package I sent him finally arrived! He really enjoyed the DVD I sent him with video of the girls. They have pulled into a port for the first time and are allowing some of the Marines to get off the ship for a bit.  I'm hoping Mike will be able to call or Skype while on land.  That would be SO great. Just to hear his voice would be so nice.


Lori said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Pretty!!!

Praying for a Skype opportunity-- a "Skypertunity!" (yes, I'm a dork!)

Lexie said...

Casey...COME BACK!!!! I misssss you!!

AND, Sarah (yes, I'm talking to you Sarah Newbold) You're gonna need to come this time too :)

Love you!!

Sarah said...

I am planning on it! Miss you girls so much! SO happy that you got to be together... I miss our group. Would LOVE to see some pics of the 3 girls playing together! (So get on that, Case. ;))