Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Forgive Me!

I know it's been so long since I posted!  And here I thought I'd be posting so much more frequently during Mike's absence.  God has blessed us with a full schedule since the day he left and it has truly made this so much easier.

So to catch up, here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

 AK's Thanksgiving preschool feast.

 Random shot taken after Mommy's Tuesday morning Bible study.

  I got a REALLY good laugh out of this.  I could not stop laughing.  And neither could "Santa," which made it even more funny.  Dad found his Santa suit and treated the grandkids to a home visit from Santa! He covered his face almost completely with the beard and wig so they wouldn't guess.  The first thing out of AK's mouth: Why does Santa sound like Pawpaw?! No fooling that girl!

  Then Santa came after me!

AK was happy to put Mimi's star on top this year!

  Our first attempt at rollerskating.  It wasn't Mommy's first time, but it may as well have been! AK did much better than I expected. She loved it and was so brave!! And by the end, I was racing my big bro around the rink. He beat me. Not much has changed! haha

  AK and William after seeing Tangled at Tinseltown in Louisville. Rapunzel is AK's new favorite princess now. She wants to grow her hair down past her feet. :) Don't see how that's going to happen when I can't even complete one stroke with the brush without her saying "OWWWW, Mommy!!!!" and then tears.

  My college friend and sorority sister, Ellen, invited us over one night. So many girls!!!  It was great to watch them play and to catch up with old friends.

  Pawpaw and Mimi gave AK these princess dolls for Christmas.  Don't think I've ever seen her more excited!
  Avery's new hat from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Brian. Love it!!

 We traveled to TX for Christmas where Grandma and Grandpa Wallace took us to ride on the Polar Express! So much fun!! Here, we are waiting to board the train. The girls wore matching owl pjs. Avery was all over the place. I think she would walk for miles if we didn't stop her!

  Train arrived!!

 After hot chocolate and a little trek down the tracks, AK met the "real Santa" at the North Pole. He gave her a Jingle Bell from one of his reindeer.

 Lil' punkin', doing what she does best - looking cute, but not sitting still. :)
  Christmas Eve, just before church.  I can't lie, this night was really hard for me. Being in TX with Mike's family was great, but it was also a constant reminder that he wasn't there with us. Seeing Abby Kate cling to her Uncle Bill was bittersweet... I know it was because he looks so much like her Daddy. We got to talk to Daddy on the phone a couple of times. It was so great to hear his voice. Still haven't been able to Skype or anything like that.

  This picture is always a struggle with all the kids! We needed to hire a clown or someone to stand behind the camera!

   Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs. Wallace! We are so happy for you, Bill and Holly, and we wish you the very best!


So this concludes my holiday rewind! I'll be posting more frequently now that we're back in NC and settling back into our routine.  I am thankful that we continue to stay busy as the months pass. We are a little over halfway there!


Sarah said...

Love the photos! Miss Avery is going to be so big by the time we get there! Keep her as "baby" as you can for me, please. ;) And tell AK that Eden and Maren would like to do a dance routine with her. Now, who does that sound like?! Like mothers, like daughters...except you're the only one who can actually dance! HAHA! We can't wait to wrap our arms around all 3 of you!

Meg Palmer said...

Loved all the pictures! Case you are an amazing woman! I don't know how you do what you do! Keep on keepin on and Mike will be home before you know it! (easy for me to say) I wish I could've seen you more while you were in town:( Take care..miss you!

Carrie Taylor Bickham said...

Loved the update and all the pics! Glad you are staying busy with family and friends. Hang in there!!

sara said...

Great update. I'm with Meg, wish I wouldve seen you more while you were here. Don't know where the time goes!!
Halfway there! Proud of you!!

stalker sarah said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're over halfway there! And I LOVED the photos! You are so beautiful and your kids are precious!!!