Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Man in Uniform

'Uneasy' would be the word to describe my feeling when seeing Mike in this uniform for the first time. Given that I never imagined Mike would be a Marine, I guess that makes sense. But now that I see him in his gear every day, it's become a normal thing. In fact, Junah is getting used to it, too. There are Marines all over this place, so every time Junah sees someone in their fatigues, he goes crazy thinking it's his daddy.

Here, Mike is dressed in one of his work-day uniforms. They have so many, though. I'll try to take some pictures of him in the others as well. In fact, just recently Mike was fitted for his "Dress Blues." It's the most formal uniform they have. It's the one with the dark jacket, blue pants and white hat and gloves - the equivalent to a civilian's tuxedo. We'll be going to a Marine Corps Birthday Ball in a couple of weeks where he'll be able to wear it for the first time. I'll definitely post some pictures so you'll be able to see how handsome he looks!


Kim said...

Casey, how different your life has become being the wife of a military man! I pray you and Mike are becoming adjusted to the area and making friends. The pumpkin patch trip looked fun! Thanks for blogging. Love, Kim

Carolyn said...

Fancy- I'm so glad you are here and that we have all met- you are a wonderful friend and I look forward to our many adventures together with and without our hubs.

Anonymous said...

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