Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cheers to my 'Stafford Wives!'

A few days after we moved here, I arranged a birthday dinner for Mike and invited a few of the guys in his platoon. Little did I know that 25 or so would show up! And to my delight, a couple of them brought their wives. The result? Instant bonds and friendship that I did not anticipate. I met Carolyn (far left) and Sommer (middle) that night at the restaurant, and shortly after, we met Margaret (right) at the spouses' orientation. These girls have truly been my saving grace here. Without them, I don't think I could stand the long hours Mike is gone every day. We are experiencing the same new lifestyle together as our husbands are going through the same things as well. Their support/company is a Godsend!

We like to joke about ourselves becoming the "Stafford Wives," as a play on the movie "Stepford Wives" because of our experiences with the sometimes overbearing traditions and proper etiquette that's expected of Marine Corps spouses.

We have such a great time. Our dogs are like our children. We take them everywhere we can, and this week we discovered a beautiful lakeside park on the USMC base. They all ran around and played - well, except for Junah, who isn't a big exerciser. Since he's a bit um... shall we say, 'fragile,' I took him over to the swings instead of risking the other dogs' rough play. This swing is just his size! (Now don't laugh... I may be a little crazy, but he's all I have.)


Ellen said...

I am so glad to see that you have found friends there to share all of your style and makeup secrets with, they are lucky girls!! Junah looks so cute in that swing.
Love you and miss you,

Carolyn said...

We ARE very lucky to have you here for many many reasons! Hahaha... great pictures...

Love you, CAaaArolyn (finger sprinkles)

Kim said...

I know what you mean about loving Junah! Before Philip, our ferrets were my babies. One of them got so sick when I was 8 months pregnant, and all I cared about was if Merlin would be ok. God is His ever-present grace pulled Merlin through then, but let him pass away in September once Philip was here and had partially stolen my heart away from the ferrets unfortunately. Love, Kim

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