Sunday, November 06, 2005

USMC Birthday Ball

Saturday, Mike and I had the pleasure of attending the Marines' Birthday Ball, held at the Marriott in Richmond, VA. There were an estimated 1,500 guests. We had a great time getting all dressed up and spending the evening celebrating with friends. The dinner was delicious and I even got Mike to dance a little. It was the first time Mike wore his Dress Blues. I know he wasn't comfortable all night, but he looked so great in them!

From left: Chad (Sommer's husband), Mike and Mike Trent (Jody's husband)

From left: Carolyn, Jody, Sommer, Me and Margaret


Carolyn said...

Wish we got more pictures together. BUMMER! You looked gorgeous, as usual! Thanks again for doing my makeup!

Lori said...

You look beautiful Casey. Looks like you guys are having fun!!!

Kim said...

How fun! An all-out fancy, grown-up prom! I meant that with the utmost respect for the Marine Corps. Just a little jealous as us civilians don't have nice outtings like that (as if Matthew would even go!).

Anonymous said...

Casey -- I almost forgot about this site. I'm so glad I remembered it..I've been spending probably a little too long at work catching up. The dress turned out great! Can't wait to see you at home this week! LOVE the pics. Tell Mike hello for Pat, Otis and I.
Lyndsay (L-dog)

Anonymous said...

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