Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Entering Our 15th Week

While we were doing yard work this weekend, Mike took this picture of me. I thought I'd share it for all those who have requested that I send pictures of my pregnant belly. Well, at nearly 15 weeks, here we are.

We had a doctor's appointment Friday and got to meet our OB, Dr. Branton, for the first time. She's funny. We really like her. As soon as she walked in the door, she gave us both huge hugs. What a greeting from someone we've never met! She's really nice. She weighed me, took my blood pressure and then got the sonogram machine out so we could hear the heartbeat. The last time we tried to hear it (at seven weeks), the machine was broken. No better luck this time, unfortunately. The baby's heartbeat registered on the machine at 155 bpm, but we couldn't hear it because she said the sound of my heart was overpowering it. I was bummed, but to our delight, she offered to take us next door for an unplanned ultrasound to make up for it. It was amazing! The baby has grown so much since we last saw him/her. It was moving around a lot, swinging its arms and we think he/she may have had the hiccups. The baby turned and looked right at us briefly, then we saw the profile for a little bit before he/she curled up toward my back. We asked if the sex could be determined, but Dr. Branton said it's too early and she scheduled me for a 20-week ultrasound. So we should find out in another 5 1/2 weeks!

I'm still feeling nauseous and exhausted most days. I joined a gym here and ran a couple miles on the treadmill today. I was feeling good until I got sick in the locker room afterward. The only things that stay down now are chicken noodle soup and crackers. We've stocked up!


Lyndsay Smith said...

How cute is that little baby bump! Make sure you keep taking photos to compare how much the bump has grown. It must be amazing to see the baby moving! Can't wait to find out the sex...Girl maybe? :)
Love Ya,

Sara said...

Love that photo of you...love your content smile. I'm sorry you can't eat anything besides soup and crackers! Do you think that delicious white queso from Casa Cafe would stay down?
Have you tossed any possible names around?

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Dr. Branton sounds like my kinda lady! Hugs and all... you look amazing! You look happy being a mom!

whitney said...


Carrie said...

Hi Casey! I am a friend of Matthew & Kim's, I occasionally lurk (not stalk, lol) your blog. I just wanted to say Congratulations on your little blessing that will be joining you soon! Best Wishes!!!
~Carrie Bowers~

Lori said...

I know you don't feel well, but you are so very cute!!! I found a picture of me doing yard work at the same point in my pregnancy. Funny huh?

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

How cute are you!! I see you all the time but I usually can't see your little belly bump!!! I can't wait until we find out the sex. Hopefully a girl so Griffin and Abby Kate can get married haha

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