Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Entering Our 13th Week

Mike and I went to an OB Orientation Class on Monday at the Naval Hospital in Pensacola where our baby will be born. As we walked through the doors, it was surreal to think that in a few months we'll be walking out those same doors with our newborn baby. We spent the day filling out paperwork and learning about different tests I needed to have taken. And finally, I went down to the lab for a PPD (Tuberculosis) Test and also had a couple more tubes of blood taken to test for the Cystic Fibrosis gene. I was glad when that was over. Plus Mike and I were both starving. We left the hospital to do some shopping, but first stopped to get some hamburgers!

So many people have said that the morning sickness should go away at 12 weeks. I was counting on it, and even felt better for a couple days last week, but unfortunately it's still here. For the past two days, I've been sick morning, evening and night. I REALLY hope now that week 13 is here it will go away for good. Today's report: so far so good. I'm SO looking forward to getting rid of the nausea and tiredness!

Oh, and as far as me starting show, Mike and I can tell, but no one else seems to. However, my clothes are telling the true story as they are too tight in the waist. I'll wait another week or so, then post a picture.


Kim said...

To make your pants fit for a few more days, loop a rubber band around the button, through the button hole and back around the button. No one will know the difference if you have a shirt covering it! Hang in there with the morning (all day) sickness. It might help to never let yourself get hungry. I was eating mini-snacks all day long or else I would feel sick if I got too hungry.

Sara said...

OH MY palms are sweating even READING about those tests!!! I wish I had your courage! You know my phobias are going to be in rare form during pregnancy.
I can't wait to see your baby bump.

whitney said...

sara...i was thinking that i'd ask you to have mine for me. won't that be ok?

i'd much rather you get spooked than i. :) i'll be a basket case.

Rod & Nora Brunner said...

Casey and Mike...what a thrill to read and see all the happenings in your life. Sounds like you are doing great, we love your new home. Now if I could only talk Rod into travel to Florida!!! Keep us posted on that new baby. Hope you get to feeling better real soon..
Love to you both

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Hang in there! I hope Mike is taking side view pictures of you every month... wanna see the little wallace grow!

Joy said...

Casey and Mike, I am so excited for the both of you and I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Your home is lovely and I plan on getting down there in the future. Take care and lots of love!

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