Saturday, October 07, 2006

$2 for a Look at the Lady Freak

It's official. I'll be among the carnies on the next carnival tour. I am a freak of nature. Yes, I realize that lots of women go through this body-changing experience, but I am astounded at the disproportion this baby has wreaked on mine. I watch that show, Biggest Loser, and I think 'my gosh, how can those people even get out of bed with all that weight?' I'm having trouble just picking up dirty socks off the floor and tying my shoes with an extra 30 lbs. How can they get out and do crab walks across the sand carrying 100+ extra pounds?! I'm amazed at their determination.

I hope I can muster the same determination to shed this monstrous belly in the upcoming months. I'll be so excited that first day I can take off running!!!

Nine days and counting until my due date!

... Oh, what, were you looking for a picture? Ha! Yeah right. (That'll be $2. You'll find me in the tent next to the Siamese Kangaroos.)


Carolyn Schroder said...

my two dollars are in the mail! we want a picture!!

Mom said...

I know you look beautiful. Only 9 more days. Hang in there. See you and my new granddaughter soon. That extra weight will come off faster than you think.

Lori said...

I'm with Carolyn!!! Haha! Casey you are so funny. Hey, at least you only have a belly to shed. Five months pregnant, and my rear end needs a separate zip code!

Kim said...

Pregnancy is the best diet. You drop about 15 pounds the first day you start losing weight and probably come down 10 inches in the waist! We're still praying for you these last few days. Get as much rest as you can between potty breaks and just plain being uncomfortable. Love you. Kim

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

You are so funny Casey! I think you look awesome and we are in this weight loss thing together. More importantly, Abby Kate will be making her appearance very soon!!! I can't wait!