Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Most Precious Gift

Mike and I returned home Saturday night from the hospital with our daughter in tow. It was such a wonderful feeling to strap her in the carseat and finally bring her home.

I was a week and one day overdue and I didn't think I'd ever go into labor on my own. My doctors had scheduled me for an induction on Thursday night, so I was happy. However, to my complete surprise, my water broke on Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. and the contractions came quickly after. Mom and I took a one mile walk around our neighborhood to make sure it was the real thing. When I got back, I had lost a lot more fluid and Mike called the hospital. They told us to come in right away.

I got to the hospital around 5 p.m. They checked me to find out I was only 2 cm dilated. But since my water had broken, I was admitted. My contractions intensified throughout the night and I thought I was going to die before they gave me the epidural around 3 a.m.

To make a very long story short, I dilated very slowly so they gave me pitocin. This brought on strong contractions. Unfortunately, the umbilical cord was wrapped around Abby Kate's neck and every time I would contract, it would tighten and her heart rate would plummet. So they'd have to back off the pitocin drip. This resulted in a 25-hour labor with very ineffective pain relief due to the position they had me in. The epidural numbed my legs, but nothing else. As we came up on the 24th hour, Mike and I could tell we were headed for a c-section. At that point, I wanted the pain to end so bad that I didn't even care. But thanks to our WONDERFUL labor nurse, and his confidence in me and encouragement, I delivered her naturally at the 25th hour. I only pushed for 29 minutes and she was here. He was able to cut the cord and then we were holding her in our arms not long after. Mike was a great help through the whole labor process. He never left my side and encouraged me at every step. He was in awe as she came into the world. I'll never forget the pride and absolute joy in his eyes as I delivered her.

We spent the next two days recovering in the hospital and getting to know our daughter. She is such a wonderful gift. We just stare at her in amazement and thank God for giving her to us. My heart melts every time I look at her. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this isn't just a dream and she's really ours to keep!

I'm feeling pretty good now that we're home and Abby Kate is doing great. She nurses like a champ now and sleeps just as well. She doesn't cry much, but when she does, it breaks my heart! Mike has been the best support I could ask for. He has taken to being a father like I never imagined. Abby Kate and I are so lucky to have him taking care of us. I didn't think I could love him more, but seeing him with our daughter makes it possible.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers. Finally, I'm excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Abigail Kate Wallace...


sara said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. What a precious gift from God. She is so beautiful and so alert and she has the best features of both of you. Tommy and I are so incredibly happy for you. I can not wait to see her and take pictures of her!
Amazing! I know you'll be busy -- but try to keep us posted on how you all get along this week. We'll be thanking God for your gift tonight!

Lots of Love from Kentucky!

Marge and Brent said...
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Mom said...

Congratulations to Casey and Mike. We are so happy and thankful that our grand-daughter is here. She is beautiful and we are looking forward to watching her grow up and just being a part of our lives. We love you Abby Kate.

Casey, you are truly a wonderful daughter and I love you. I know you will find as much joy and happiness in being a Mom as I have had with you and Brian.

Carolyn Schroder said...

She looks just like both of you two! I can't wait to meet her in person- she is absolutely precious! Please let me know if you need anything- even if it's just a phone call to cheer you on.

Kim said...

Casey, I'm so glad the labor is behind you. Praise God for being able to deliver her without a c-section. She is precious! I especially like the shot of her with her eyes open and little pink mittens! So sweet. Love you guys. Kim

whitney said...

way to go casey!! you're a champ. she's beautiful.

can't wait to see her grow. what a precious gift.

DAD said...


The past few days have been very exciting for the both of you and we truely enjoyed sharing time with you guys. Thanks for letting us be there for the birth of the newest member of our family. Although I had a tough time watching you in so much pain at the end, I told you it would all be worth it. She is very beautiful and reminds me of you. Give her a kiss for Grandpa each night and save you for you.
Love DAD

Anonymous said...

At first glance I think Abby Kate looks like her Uncle B.!! She is so adorable...i can't wait to hold her...Love, Aunt Carrie

Micki Michelle Lynn Phillips said...

Holy cow! I'm so excited. You are so amazing, I don't know if I could ever give birth. Great job!
I can't wait to meet her, she looks so beautiful!!

Love, Micki

Lyndsay said...

Congradulations again to you both! She is so precious, I can't wait to see and hold her. You are going to make such fantastic parents. Wow, you're no longer a Cabbage Patch're a real one! I'll hold onto Christina for a few more years. Ha! Love you!

Marge and Brent said...

Congrats Mike and Casey. We are so happy for you, she is beautiful. Casey it seems like only yesterday we were sitting in your living room in Virginia looking at baby names like Mar-got and Tessica. Ha Ha. Glad you went with Abby Kate!

kasey moreman said...

Oh how exciting! There is nothing in this world that can compare to bringing home a new baby! She is a doll! Take time everyday to just look at her...I would watch Chase for hours! Time goes by so fast! We are very happy for you all and let us know if we can help in anyway!

missy said...

congratulations to the both of you on newest addition to your family. abbykate looks so precious. i can't wait to see her when you all come up for thanksgiving. love missy

Anonymous said...

Mike and Casey
Reading your story of labor makes me cringe but when I scrolled down....she was just beautiful....and so worth it!! Congratulations!!!
Carrie Taylor