Thursday, November 30, 2006

Feeling Ill

Well, we didn't escape the bug that was going around in Kentucky. All three of us are sick. Mike has been home with the Flu the past couple of days. I've got a really bad cold (I think, anyway, I haven't been to the doctor). My lack of sleep hasn't helped, I'm sure. And poor Abby Kate is really congested. She could barely breath last night. I wish she knew how to blow her nose, or how to breath through her mouth for that matter. Isn't it weird that infants won't breath through their mouths, even when they are so stuffed up?! I tried saline drops and using the nasal aspirator, but it's not working. She doesn't have a fever, but we're taking her to the doctor today with hopes they can do something for her.

We answered a knock at our door yesterday afternoon and were surprised to find Chad and Sommer standing in the doorway with homemade chicken soup and warm apple pie in their hands. We were so grateful! We didn't have the energy to cook anything or go out and pick up something to eat, so their thoughtfulness was such a blessing. Thanks again, guys! Sommer, I hope to be feeling good soon so we can get back to our daily workouts! My new jogging stroller is ready to hit the pavement!


Carolyn Schroder said...

aw, i love those tuckers- they are so thoughtful! feel better soon fancy!

DAD said...

Sorry for all the sickness going around, I am still sick after a full week has passed. We sure enjoyed having you guys in for the Holidays but will miss you a bunch at Christmas. We will be thinking of you as always. LOVE DAD

Mom said...

Thank you Chad and Sommer for being such great friends to Mike, Casey and Abby Kate.