Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter in Florida

Mike's parents came up to visit last weekend for Easter. They drove their beautiful, new RV from their home in Texas and first met up with us in Meridian, MS. We traveled there (only a three hour drive) to pick out a house. They were kind enough to watch Abby Kate while we drove around frantically searching for a place to live in a matter of hours. Thank you both for entertaining her for a couple of hours!

We had a nice Easter holiday even though the temperatures took a dip. Abby Kate had to wear tights under her Easter dress and a little sweater. We went the morning service at our church - AK to the nursery - and then enjoyed a delicious brunch at a place called "eat!" in Pensacola. It was really good. I wish we had known that restaurant existed when we first moved here.

We enjoyed the Wallaces' company and were glad they could spend some time with their granddaughter. Thanks again for coming to visit!

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Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Happy Easter. AK has the best of both you and Mike... she's so dang beautiful! sign that one up for commericials!