Monday, April 02, 2007

Sausage, Anyone?

Saturday, the Tuckers and the Wallaces packed up the babies and drove for an hour to get to a sausage festival in Elberta, Alabama. It's an annual festival held by the local firefighters to raise money for the town. We didn't stay long because some huge storms rolled in, but we did have fun. We were on a mission for some delicious, but oh-so-bad-for-you grub. And we were successful: we enjoyed some tasty sausages, funnel cakes and ice cream sundaes! Mmmmm! There were lots of tents filled with crafts and such. We strolled from tent to tent, then ended up taking shelter in one from a brief downpour. Abby Kate and Griffin had a great time people-watching and didn't cry until the drive home. I think they were both extremely tired and ready for their naps!

Two happy kids on the way there.

I know it looks as if Mike is not enjoying his sausage, but he was concentrating hard on taking this self portrait. :)

Sommer and Chad. Thanks for joining us!

Abby Kate loves being outdoors with lots of stuff to look at. I know, you can say it. We look nothing alike. She's 100% Daddy! But you can lie to me and tell me we do look a little bit alike if you want to make my day. haha.

A bit of southern Alabama advertising for your enjoyment. We spotted this at a stoplight on the way to the festival.

And on the way home... not so happy.


T. King said...

Casey -- I drop in occasionally to check up on you folks and I wanted to pass along two comments. First, Abby Kate is as beautiful a baby girl as I've ever seen. She steals the show on every page she appears. And as for Mike, I'm thrilled that he got the assignment for jets. I'm grateful for folks like him, and I appreciate your sacrifices, too.


Kim said...

Casey, at least you and AK share the same hair and eye color. My Philip and I really don't look like we belong together (sometimes I seen subtle similarities!). She and Griffin are looking so big in their carseats. I know you and Sommer have had fun together. Lastly, thanks for the sign picture. Very funny!

Lori said...

The kiddos look so cute! Also, congratulations on your orders!!! I know Mike must be thrilled. I will be praying for you as you gear up for your move!