Sunday, July 01, 2007

We Have Teeth!

Well, the start of them anyway. Abby Kate now has two little bottom teeth (the central incisors) poking through her gums. They seemed to have just appeared overnight! They don't bother her one bit, but I could tell they were coming soon because she had been rubbing her tongue over that spot a lot. I'm not going to even try to take a picture of the little buds because I know it'd be a struggle, so I'll post a picture when they've grown in well enough to see.

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Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

I just got caught up on your blog. It is still hard for me to believe our husbands fly those things. It's crazy. Abby Kate is sooo cute and i am so glad her teeth have come in without bothering her. Happy 1st Father's Day to Mike and Happy Anniversary to you both.