Monday, October 29, 2007

Abby Kate Turns One!

How is it possible that our little Abby Kate is a year old?! She turned one on Friday, Oct. 26. Looking back on the 12 months she's been with us is amazing. She has grown and changed more in this one year than she will in any year to come. And it has been a fantastic year! Mike and I have enjoyed every minute of her precious life and we thank God every day for giving her to us.

Abby Kate spent her actual birthday at the park having a picnic during the day, playing with her cousin William and then having cake just before bed, which she LOVED. The next day, we had a big birthday party for her. Thanks to Grami and Pawpaw, Grandma and Grandpa Wallace, Aunt Carrie and William and "Aunt" Lyndsay and Pat for traveling so far to help us celebrate Abby Kate's special day. We were so thankful for your presence and enjoyed spending time with you, however short!

AK received a ton of great birthday presents including toys, books and clothes. Thanks so much to everyone for all the fun stuff! She has spent the last few days exploring all of the new toys and is a happy, happy girl!

On her birthday. "I'm this many, Mommy!"

Playing with Grami and PawPaw.

... and with William.

... and with Mommy.

... and with Grandma.

The Decor.

A big fan of the pink punch!

Digging in to her smash cake!

The Cake.

With Aunt Lyndsay and Pat

The "after party"


Brandi said...

Happy Birthday AK!!!

Mike & Erica said...

Happy Birthday AK! It looks like you had a great party!

The Moremans said...

i cannot believe she is one already! you will say that about each one to follow! time just flies!

Grami said...

Thank you Abby Kate for a great Birthday party. Grami and PawPaw really enjoyed our time with you and love you so very much.

the redhead said...

happy birthday abby kate!! wow one already. time is flying.

happy halloween guys!!!

Marge and Brent said...

Happy Birthday AK! And Casey, just for the record... whenever I do have a kid (which is a long way off from now) I am totally calling on you to help decorate for their 1st birthday party. It looked awesome, you do such a great job. Heck maybe I'll just have you come decorate for my next birthday.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

Happy Birthday AK!! Yes Casey- you rocked the house with your decor... I'll be callin' ya in for baby announcements!

Meg Palmer said...

Happy belated AK! Everything looks soooo cute Case! She is getting so big! Hope to see ya soon!

Lori said...

Happy birthday sweet Abby Kate!!! What a beautiful first birthday party. You are a wonderful mommy Casey. I hope we get to meet AK at Christmas time. We plan to travel to KY and want to know if and when you will be there, so we can plan accordingly. I'll e-mail you. Our love to AK!!!

Kim said...

Yeah, Abby Kate is one! Sorry for just reading this now. I had completely lost track of her birtday and you are right about how that first year flies! And it only goes faster with your second child. Like Lori, I do hope we get to meet AK in KY.