Friday, October 12, 2007

Lions and Tigers and ... Gorillas, Oh My!

During a recent trip home to Kentucky, we took advantage of the great weather and headed to the zoo with Grami, Aunt Carrie, William, a friend, Cristy and her son Caden. I enjoyed it SO much. I hadn't been to the zoo in a long time and taking Abby Kate was so much fun. She spent the entire day with her index finger pointed. Most of the time at nothing, but I guess she just felt the need to point at things since everyone else was pointing, trying to direct her attention to the animals.

Caden, William and Abby Kate especially enjoyed the gorillas. They were inside, climbing ropes and just hanging out near the glass, "modeling" for their visitors. They are such amazing creatures! One came so close to Abby Kate, she back away really quick, her eyes huge.

We must have arrived during nap time because most of the animals were sleeping. But AK got to ride the carousel and the train, which were great thrills for all the kids.

See, pointing at nothing as she says, "Doi?" Everything is "doi."

Looking at the gorillas.

She wasn't a big fan of going up and down, so we later found a stationary giraffe to ride.

Carrie is on the left with William, and Cristy on the right with Caden. Thanks for letting us use your guest passes! We had so much fun!

We had a wonderful time in Kentucky as always. Thanks, Mom and Dad for letting us stay even when you were in the middle of getting the house painted. It looks great!

Grami and Pawpaw, enjoying their grandbabies.


Meg Palmer said...

Hey case, AK is getting so big! Are you guys coming in for thanksgiving or christmas? Tell Mike and AK hello!

Mom said...

We enjoy having you home no matter what is going on around us. Looking forward to AK's big 1 year old Birthday Party.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

what a great day with the cousins!