Monday, November 19, 2007

The Run for Hope

Yep, that's me, runner #29, preparing myself for 6.2 miles of torture. I decided to run a 10K race (my first one). I'm only smiling here because I just saw the ambulance pull up. Reassurance for quick medical attention should I not make it past mile four! Ha, ha. Mike ran, too, but in the 5K road race because he was pushing 50+ lbs with Abby Kate in the stroller.

This race was a charity event with proceeds going to Hope Village for Children here in MS. It's a place for children who come from abusive homes or those who have been neglected, or abandoned.

So off I went with the unexpected gunshot at 8:30 a.m. I was doing great about a 1/8 mile in until I pushed play on my iPod and nothing happened. Aaaagghhh! You've got to be kidding me. No way was I going to make it up all those huge gravel hills with no musical motivation! I could already hear myself and all those around me breathing heavy. And that, for me, is the exact opposite of motivating. And if the only thing I had to concentrate on was my pitiful heaving and the pounding of my feet, you can pretty much be certain I'd have turned right around.

-I turned the stupid thing on and off a couple times and then - to my surprise and total relief - my tunes flowed, the sound of my breathing ceased and my eyes... well, my eyes now focused on the first ginormous hill. @#$%!

I pressed on passing a couple of people, then getting passed by six more... and so on and so forth. There were a couple of guys that were running a bit faster than me, but they walked up every hill, so I kept passing them on the inclines. One of them had the physique of an Olympic runner. I'm thinking,

Seriously, look at you... and you're running way back here with me?! No, I don't mind... you're totally making me look good. Oh, what, you're stopping to drink the water? heh, heh... Watch this, I run and hydrate at the same time, Mr. Olym- uh-gha! cough, gah, cough, aachk! Choking here! where's that ambulance?

Then I'm wondering why I care since I've never known myself to have any sort of competitive streak. However, I knew Mike was going to get a picture of me as I came up on the fifth mile, so I managed to get myself in front of the guy for the photo! :) Check me out, all beating those two guys. Yeah, after that, I gladly let them pass me again and slowed to a comfortable pace for the last mile.

My goal was to complete the race in an hour and 15 minutes. Approaching the finish line, I glanced up and the clock, and disbelieving, I saw it blazing a red 58:30! I can't believe I finished it in under an hour! I love you, iPod!

Mike did great, too. He finished the 5K in 24 minutes! That's impressive with the stroller, not to mention picking up sippie cups and pacifiers (and who knows what else) in stride along the way. Good job, honey!

It was a gorgeous morning. We both agreed it was a great event and really enjoyed it. We saw several familiar faces there and met some new people as well. And you wouldn't believe it, but we both ended up taking home awards! Mike finished first in his age group, and I finished second in my age group. Nevermind that Mike was only 5K runner in his age group. :)

Thanks to Little Miss AK for running with Daddy and for cheering Mommy on!!! You were such a good girl!

OK, so you can't really tell how athletic the guy (second one behind me in blue) is, but trust me, he looks like he should've been the first one across the finish line.


Lyndsay said...

Awesome job Case!!! Doesn't it feel so good and feel like such an acomplishment! I did one last year and thought I could never run 6 miles....but amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it! Laura is trying to get me to do the mini this year.....13 thats a little much!!!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Good Job Casey!!!!! Yep, the IPOD not working would've been something that would happen to me. I'm glad it came back on for you...that would've been one long hour without music!

Meg Palmer said...

You go Case! I needed some motivation! How did AK like it? thanks.

Mom said...

Okay, I'm tired after just reading about it. Case, you did a great job. AK is looking pretty athletic in her pink Nike outfit too. How cute.

Mike & Erica said... are such an inspiration. I am so impressed! I think I would have passed out at about mile 2..hahaha. Congrats!!

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

I laughed so hard when your ipod wasn't working- i would've stopped right then and there... thank goodness it worked!!

you are awesome.