Sunday, December 02, 2007

Santa Came to Town. On a T-45!

Abby Kate met (and was terrified) of Santa for the first time on Saturday. The squadron hosted a Christmas party for the children and "flew" Santa in on one of the jets. He actually just taxied around the runway a bit, before exiting the jet to hand out gifts and take pictures with all the kids. It was all really cute, but Abby Kate DID NOT like the fat, jolly old soul with the beard. We weren't even close to him, but she was shrieking from afar. So we knew right then there would be no picture with Santa. (Hence, no picture with Santa here.) We did get a picture with the jet though. I'm not sure how Santa is scarier than this loud, giant piece of metal, but go figure. I tried to explain to her that this is the plane Daddy flies everyday. To which she pointed to it and replied, "Doooooog." Everything's a dog.

We went upstairs to the squadron afterward for snacks and gift-giving. Santa brought Abby Kate her first Care Bear, which she named "baby." However, she was way more interested in the bowl of Cheez-Its than any part of the Christmas festivities. :)


Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

what a great picture! and i was just like abby kate until i was like 13! something about fat men wearing red velvet with white beards still bothers me. hahahhaha

Sara said...

Me too, me too! Every single picture my mom has of me with Santa shows me screaming hysterically while she backed further and further away to take the picture. I think every child is scared of Santa until they make the connection that Santa is the one bringing the goods on the 25th.
We will try to get Isabella's picture with Santa this year before she is old enough to get scared. Though Tommy will doubtless be the one shedding the tears after he sees the line that we will have to wait in! He and crowded shopping malls do not mix well. I am interested to see how a bulky stroller will intensify the situation!
Love the picture of the three of you. Possible Christmas card material, no?