Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Kiss for Daddy

My mom has several pictures sitting around the house of Mike and me. Abby Kate knows exactly where they are and points to each of them saying, "Daddy?" There's one in particular that sits on the mantle that she likes to carry around. Yesterday I asked her if she could give Daddy a kiss, and she immediately leaned over with puckered lips. I know she misses you a lot, Mike - as do I - and can't wait for you to come home. I can't imagine how excited she'll be when you get back.

Mike talked to her on the phone this morning and asked her if she was going to play in the snow today (we got 4 or 5 inches last night). She replied "no-mee?" [Snowman] ha, ha. I guess we'll be building her first snowman today!

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Sara said...

How very sweet! I bet that photo will warm his heart! Now I see all that hair we talked about this morning!
Good thing we canceled...I spent the entire day sick. I took some antibiotics and am feeling a little better tonight. The snow plow arrived at noon on the dot and cleared our neighborhood! Let me know if Friday will work. If not, we could shoot for next week.
Hope the snowman turned out!