Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow and Other Delights

Turns out the snow wasn't that big of a hit with Abby Kate. I bundled her up and took her outside to play in it for the first time. I put her down and she didn't move a muscle, just looked at it like, "uh, so what?" My thoughts exactly. So I said "you're right, it's dang cold out here, let's go back in!" But not before I got a couple pictures as least. She kept saying "nose?" She can't quite get "snow" to come out right. ha, ha.

Just so you know, Daddy, Abby Kate has had a packed social calendar lately. Rosies, Babies & Tea Parties - what more could a little girl ask for? Yesterday we visited my friend, Sara, and her beautiful, 3-month-old daughter, Isabella. (Sara, you look wonderful and Isabella is precious! It was great to see you, thanks for inviting us to come by.)

Then we came home to find roses from PawPaw for Valentine's Day.

William came over to play after that and the two of them had the best time, laughing and running around. They even learned to play Ring-Around-the-Rosies together. They couldn't wait to get to the falling down part, however, so they kept going down on the "pocket full of posies part."

And then today, my grandmother had her three grand-daughters (Holly, Kristy & me) along with all of our daughters (Maggie, Raelin, Emily & AK) over for a tea party. Mawmaw has some little antique tea sets that were perfect. The girls drank "tea" (apple juice) and accessorized with Mawmaws scarves, hats and jewelry. They were so cute. Abby Kate was not interested in the hats or scarves, but she is crazy over the jewels!


Sara said...

Yikes Case...where ever did my lipstick run off to?
What a fun visit we had. Thank you for coming to see us! AK is an angel. I'll have to post my pic of the girls soon, too.

Brandon & Carolyn Schroder said...

The tea party is so sweet!! What a great idea!