Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun Indoors

Abby Kate's current favorite book is about pink cupcakes. So I thought she'd love to help me make some real ones. She liked watching the preparing and baking process, but when one of the pink-iced, gi-normous cupcakes was placed before her, she was very apprehensive about holding it or eating it. (I know, she must not be my daughter after all. ha, ha.) So now we have way too many cupcakes that will inevitably be eaten by me, if not Mike.

My cupcake-making idea may not have appealed to AK, but my fort-building idea certainly went over well. We had a couple of hot, muggy and rainy days here last week, so I decided we would stay indoors. It's amazing what a couple of chairs and a sheet can do. Abby Kate had a great time in her "house" as she called it. She brought all of her favorite dolls and stuffed animals inside, as well as a book to read and her piano for entertainment. We played in there all morning before its allure wore off.

I'm hoping the weather gets better here soon, so we can play outside without dripping with sweat within five minutes of stepping out the door. The humidity has been terrible!

On that note, I must also remind you that we won't be down this far south too much longer. In fact, Mike finds out tomorrow (!!!) what he'll be flying and where our next move will be. I'll post the news as soon as I know!


Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

How fun!!!! we just started doing pizza parties and ice cream parties with Grif...they are a huge hit...and Grif likes them too haha. I know who can help you eat all those cup cakes...ME!

sara said...

I used to love forts made under the kitchen table. They were the best! Sorry I never got back to you about the logo..we just returned from two consecutive vacations. It is on my to do list!
I can't wait to hear where your next move will be!

mfhelm said...

That is so adorable. I can't wait to hear where you will be moving to.