Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back to Work

Great news! Dad went back to work today. He's just doing a half day and not trying to push it too much. I know all of his c0-workers are happy to have him back. (Thanks again to all of you for your prayers, cards and visits to the hospital.) I am so happy he's back to work and feeling a bit more normal with every passing day.

He is feeling pretty good and has been walking up and down their street (hills included). I'm so proud of you, Dad! You're doing SO good!


Lori said...

Casey that is wonderful about your Dad! I am so happy to hear such a positive report!

Ok, I was just logging on to tell you how I loved your new header and it changed again! What a beautiful picture!!!

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

That is AWESOME...Yay for your dad!

Carolyn Schroder said...

This is great news!