Friday, June 13, 2008


The Move to NC
First, I'm happy to tell you we found a home in NC! We love it. It is beautiful, brand new and located in a great neighborhood. I'm so happy to be owning a home again... looking forward to collecting paint swatches and fabrics for decorating. We'll actually be moving into it faster than we thought - Mike received his orders and they say we've got to be out of MS and headed to NC next weekend. So we're having the movers come and pack our household and move it next Thursday and Friday, and we'll be closing on the house on June 26. Busy, busy!

He's feeling so much better. He's been working full days, taking walks in the neighborhood, doing yard work, helping Brian with his yard work, picking up William (my nephew) and just being his old self. His only complaints are headaches due to the plates on the sides of his face. But the doctors say those will go away after a few more months. He's starting to get the feeling back in his teeth, and they are a bit painful, too. But all in all, he's fabulous! We are going to celebrate his health with a trip to Florida next month. I'm so excited!

Mike is doing great. He healed up extremely fast from his appendectomy. He's back to running, doing pull ups, flying and tossing Abby Kate in the air.

Abby Kate
This girl cracks us up every day. We love this stage! She is full of words and phrases and repeats everything. She sings the alphabet and counts to ten (however jumbled). She loves her baby dolls and likes to ask them if they're hungry or tired or if they want a cracker. It's so cute. I'm not sure how this move will affect her, but I imagine she'll be fine as long as she's with her mommy and daddy. I happened to see a little boy playing in the yard across the street from our new house, so hopefully she'll make some friends.

Staying busy with my design work and busy with Abby Kate. I'm looking forward to our move, even though I will hate to leave some great friends that I've known for so long (we'll miss you Sommer, Chad, Grif and Maggie!) and many that I've met here in Meridian this past year.

That's all for now. I'll send out our new address through e-mail soon.


Carrie, Brian and William said...

We're so happy for you guys!!! Your new house sounds soo nice can't wait to see it. Good Luck with the move, see ya in Florida.

sara said...

What an exciting time for you all. Post pics of the new house as soon as you can. Also, very glad to hear that your dad is doing so well. Good for him! Safe travels to you all....

Lori said...

Glad for the update! I am especially glad to hear about your Dad. Hannah was asking about him a couple of nights ago-- so sweet! Praying for you all.