Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun in the Sun... er, Rain

William and Abby Kate, Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Vacation with my family in Bonita Springs, FL, was great - even if it did rain (read: POUR!) almost everyday. We just had to change our focus is all. Instead of playing in the sand and waves on a beautiful sunny beach, we played in the racks of clothes and shoes and accessories in the outlet malls. No complaints here!

We did have a wonderful time spent together. We stayed in my aunt and uncle's beautiful condo and the kids had plenty of room to run and play. William and Abby Kate cracked us up the whole time with their dancing, singing, and yelling at at the rain... "go away rain, go away!" Abby Kate loved her Uncle Brian... every time I put her in one of her pretty little dresses - before I'd even buttoned her up - she'd say "go show Bwian?" So cute. We did get out to the beach one of the days and to the pool one or two times as well. And thankfully I took a lot of pictures on those days!

Hanging out with Pawpaw.

Mommy wanted to do sandcastles, but the bucket was much more interesting. I think she could've sat there for hours filling it with sand.

"Hha you?" as William would say.

Running so fast she's kicking up sand!

After a delicious shrimp dinner and key lime pie!

They were having entirely too much fun bouncing on the bed!

Telling Mimi stories on the patio.

Our trip ended in a rush home to see my grandmother who was not doing well. I changed my flight to take us to KY to see her. I stayed for a day and a half and was pleased to see her doing much better when I left. She is such a special lady. I love her dearly and ask for your continued prayers as she is still in the hospital.

Mawmaw is in the same hospital as Dad. In fact, he was in the Critical Care Unit and only two doors down from where my she is now. It was weird (yet so good) to see my dad walk through those hallways. He looks so strong and so much leaner. I just can't tell you how great he looks. And he feels great, too. God is so good.

We're back home in NC now and we are soaking up Daddy as much as we can when he's home from work. Mike was very happy to see us, and Junah was, too!


Carrie, Brian and William said...

Casey, I love to see pictures of William and AK they are so cute together. Glad to see you and AK made it home to NC safely.

Cristy, Nick and Caden said...

Casey, I am glad you had fun regardless of the weather. AK looks so cute in he little pink bathing suit. Thanks for thinking about Caden during his recovery. Take Care, Cristy

Anonymous said...

Casey, I love all the pictures. It makes me want to go back (only have more sunny days). Dad I really enjoyed being with our kids and grandkids. We love you all dearly. Thanks to you all for making it a special time.


sara said...

We are headed to Florida in a few days and are worried about the storms hitting the coast. I hate it when that happens. Love the new pictures. AK is really getting some hair. Isabella's has finally started to grow, too. You'd think they'd take after us...each with a thick head of hair...but they must take after their dads.

Mike & Erica said...

I love the pics. AK is just soo beautiful. You look great also!! I am glad you had fun!

PS. I am waiting for pics of New Bern..big Sparks fan!! LOL