Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still Smiling!

These stitches haven't phased our girl one bit. Here she is smiling after eating all of her Lima beans! Well, maaaaybe Junah ate one... er six, but really, who's counting. In fact, I think she is about to drop that very bean onto the floor and cackle as Junah eats it up.

She barely notices her stitches. I've been really careful putting her clothes over her head and being sure not to get the area wet. They are supposed to be taken out on Monday. You can see she has bled through the bandages a bit. But the doctor told us to leave them on unless they fall off themselves. I want to clean her up under there, but... what to do?

It's going to take awhile before Mike and I let our overprotectiveness wear off. We cringe everytime she walks even slightly quick.

In other news, Mike's youngest brother, Matt, and his wife, Beth, just had a baby boy! I'm waiting for the first pictures to be sent. I'll be sure to post one. Congrats Matt and Beth!!! We're looking forward to meeting little Joshua Matthew Wallace!

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Lori said...

And, what a beautiful smile it is-- even with a huge bandage!!! I haven't been on the computer in days, but Jonathan filled me in on Abby Kate's fight with the wall. Yikes. My stomach sank when he told me the outcome-- I am forever telling my girls, "hop up tough girl," or "oh, you're ok!"-- never expecting serious owies!

Glad things are well! I'm sure if you brainstorm enough there is a money making safety invention that can come from this. haha.