Tuesday, August 26, 2008

22 Months!

There was one word in our house today. And it fell repetitively from Abby Kate's lips the entire day.


Or, gymnastics, as those over 3 might say. That's right, we start gymnastics class tomorrow! It's a mommy/child class for 18-month to 3-year-olds. We're both really excited about it! The class teaches toddlers to follow simple instructions and how to move as a group, along with teaching them forward rolls, how to hang from the bar, etc. Mike and I showed her how to do cartwheels at the park yesterday. But not because we're immature. No. It was purely for her preparation. :)

Abby Kate turned 22 months today and she is doing great. AK's favorite things at this stage are puzzles, baby dolls, letters, numbers and music. She knows all her letters and can count to ten. She also sings many different songs (or parts of them at least). She is wearing size 3T now and weighs about 30 lbs. Her hair is long enough for pigtails! I waited so, so long for the moment she could sport these. She looks adorable with them. (See, there is hope, Sara Floyd!)

AK sports a red scar from her accident, but it doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would. And I think in time it will fade away almost completely. She is such a chatterbox these days. I swear she never shuts up. She is already starting that "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!" thing - interrupting my conversations only to say "look, Mommy, I have thumb" (while pointing at her thumb). I wasn't expecting this so soon!

It is so funny the way she tries to speak like a grown-up. She has this low-octave voice with a serious tone that she uses when she's giving us instruction. Mike picked up a dish of steamed broccoli to offer her more one night at dinner. Without hesitation she pointed to the table and said, "No Daddy, put it on the table. No brocky, I eatin' chicken."

Yesterday, I was pushing her through the grocery store when she spotted a large, bald man with a long, gray beard. She immediately pointed and yelled, "Saaaaanta Claaaus!!!!" I don't know if the man heard her, but I couldn't help laughing out loud.

And anytime I laugh at her, she says, "I funny."

She has had the chance to play with other kids many times since we've moved. She now enjoys the gym's child care and has also been to a drop-in child care/play-time place a couple of times. I love watching her interact with the other kids. And I can't wait to see how gymnastics goes!

Our baby girl is sunshine and love and joy and everything sweet! We have loved every second of these 22 months!


The Moremans said...

she really is just adorable! aren't you ready for baby #2 yet?

Lori said...

Holy cow, she's as big as Hannah now . . . or Madeline, haha. I LOVE her pig tails!!! I hope you all have so much fun at gymnastics. Mommy, I want video footage of you doing back bends and flips and stuff. Haha.

Sarah said...

AK is one little cutie! I love to hear all of the things she says. See you in class!

Anonymous said...

Abby Kate gets cuter and cuter...and I also love to hear the things she says. Hopefully you have pics from gymnastics!!
Carrie Taylor

Cristy, Nick and Caden said...

I LOVE the pig tails. So cute!! Everyday I look at Caden I can't believe how big he is. AK is growing so fast. Each stage is so much fun. But, don't you wish you could freeze time sometimes. It goes to fast. Take Care, Cristy

sara said...

Isabella is envious of the piggies....but she is working diligently on a full grown mullet over here. As if that isn't enough...it's blonde on top and brown in the back. Try to top that, AK!!

She is a doll. The pig tails make her look like she is ready for first grade!

Meg Palmer said...

Case, love the pigtails! I cannot believe how big AK is. Thanks for asking Brian about the pilot stuff! John really appreciate's any help he can get! I can't wait for your next post!

Kim said...

Casey, AK is one cute little thing. Well, she and Philip are about the same size and he'll turn 4 in January so maybe he's the little thing! Her scar looks great. Philip skinned his knee twice in the same place (pretty yucky) and had an awful pink scar after it healed. I thought it'd be there forever, but now about a month later, it's almost gone. Their young skins really does recover a lot better than ours. Her scar will probably fade a lot more. Hope to see you all sometime in the future!!