Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Few Quck Observations

The wonderment of dipping. Abby Kate dips her chicken nuggets in ketchup. Normal, yes. But when she proceeds to dip her apple slices in the leftover ketchup... well, that's just weird. No matter how much I tell her 'hey, that's gross!' she just gives me a cheesy smile and rakes the next one, stuffing it in her mouth while exclaiming, 'I'm dipping, Mommy!' The excitement of dunking food in sauce clearly trumps good taste any day.

Imitation. Seeing Abby Kate instruct her babies not to be scared, not to stand on the couch, not to scream, how to go on the potty, etc., amuses me to no end. I love catching her imitating us because it's just so funny. And heartwarming are the times when she hugs and kisses her babies and tells them it's OK and that she loves them.

Ease of amusement. Stickers do the trick for my little one. She will do anything for a sticker. (Let the bribes begin. haha) She also loves to sing. To get us through the grocery store without any whining, I simply get her to sing. She'll sing Jesus Loves Me until the cows come home. It keeps her entertained and makes everyone around us smile - which I must say is better than the scowls and huffs that crowded grocery store aisles usually breed.

Intelligence. The things Abby Kate learns when we're not looking astound us. Earlier this week she sat on the couch beside me one morning as we watched Fox News. Here's the dialogue:

AK: Mommy, that's a lady. [pointing to the woman on the screen]
Me: That's right, that's a lady.
AK: Mommy, you a lady?
Me: Yes, I'm a lady.
AK: Riiiiiiight!
Me: [after a few moments] Abby Kate, are you a lady?
AK: No, I'm a little girl.



Anonymous said...

Abby Kate looks so cute on her tricycle and seems to know exactly how to ride it.

Her little pig tails are growing ever so slowly. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Love you bunches.

Love, Mom

Sarah said...

Love those oh-so-cute hairbows in the top picture! Wherever did you find them? Ha, ha. I'm shameless :) My girls are dippers as well, their dip of choice is Ranch dressing...for EVERYTHING!

Lori said...

Thank you for this glimpse into AK's super cute personality! Hey, I am with you Abby Kate-- if there's ketchup on my plate, it is not going to waste!!!! Haha.

sara said...

Loved this post, Case. Thanks for calling me Saturday. We had Isabella's first birthday that day and I have been swamped and trying to recover. Will call soon.

Jeremiah Ware said...

As I've been following your blog the last 2 years, it's amazing how much alike Abby Kate and my Hannah Kay are. And I'm sure Mike will agree, this is such a great age for daddy and his little girl! I'm lovin' it. Hope all is well with you.

Cristy, Nick and Caden said...

I haven't been able to ckeck out your blog lately, but I wanted to say AK it so adorable!! It looks like you guys had a great trip in the mountains and Happy belated B-day Abby Kate(: I can't get over the planes Mike flies. What an accomplishment! Take care and Happy Hoilday's.