Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flying Solo

I'd like to say congrats to my wonderful husband on his first solo flight in the Harrier! He took off today after being canceled for one reason or another the last two days. He said it went very well and he enjoyed it. I'm learning (not by Mike necessarily) that this jet is highly complicated and harder to fly than most of the other jets. I think Mike doesn't tell me this because he doesn't want me to worry! :) Anyhow, please pray with me for his safety in flying it every day.

Way to go, Mike! (This is the jet that Mike flies, but no, that's not Mike in there. We're not allowed to take pictures in the area that they train, but I hear rumors of a Family Day coming up, where we get an opportunity to photograph them flying.)


Sarah said...

What would we do without each other!? OK, now it's my turn to be uninformed...Family Day? When?? Colin better not be holding out on me!
Congrats Mike and great job! You and Colin watch out for each other up there!

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day, Case! Hugs to Ak and prayers for Mike on that scary jet! Miss ya, Marcie

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike! We are very proud of you as well. Be careful.

Debi and Gary

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Way to go, Mike!!! That is awesome! Miss you guys like crazy!