Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ahhh, the 80's.

Hmmm, what were we thinking back then? Which is probably what we're going to say about the current decade in 20 years. But that makes it all the more fun to dress up and relive them. (If you're old enough, that is! Our babysitter was born in the 90's, so that was kind of depressing to learn. haha)

Mike's squadron hosted an 80's Prom Night last Friday night, and it was too much fun! When we first arrived with our friends, the Newbolds and the Donlins - rocking our 80's apparel - we hopped out of the car to see other people from the squadron had arrived in present day clothing and the panic ensued! Was the joke on us?! Should we jump right back into the car and leave?! Uh, by all means, yes. But then we noticed they were the only party-poopers when a few other cars pulled in carrying crazy 80's folk like us.

So in we went to find the place decorated perfectly with streamers, homemade banners and cassette tapes strung from the ceiling. Everyone had awesome costumes. I searched high and low for a prom dress online, but I couldn't find one that didn't have a fitted waist, so had to settle for more stretchy things I found in my closet since I am 'hour-glass challenged' these days. :)

Everyone danced and ate and had a fabulous time, including Mike, who impressed me with his dance moves all night! I could barely keep up in my four-inch, hot pink stilletos but I had a great time watching everyone else and enjoying the company of Mike and our good friends.

Colin, Mike and Mike

Lexie and me

Gotta love the Carlton shirt and fanny pack! Mike Donlin found it was actually quite economical, holding cash, a camera and the wife's lip gloss and such. So he's decided to bring it back. :)

80's moves?! Not sure.


Sarah said...

Colin looks like he's getting ready to hurl in that last picture. Yes, we're definitely H-O-T. Ha!

Lori said...

So cute! I'm sure you had so much fun. I can imagine the panic you felt when you saw others in street clothes. Haha!

sara said...

This looks like so much fun! Please tell me that you were doused in Exclamation perfume from Walgreens! And also please tell me that they played Tiffany's "I think we're alone now..." and that you and Mike danced to it. And lastly, please tell me that your pink shoes were Dyeables!!