Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Fun with Family

We were grateful to have Mimi, Brian, Carrie & William to visit Easter weekend. (We missed you, Dad! Wish you would have been able to make it, too.) Brian flew everyone over on Saturday and we got to enjoy their company until Monday. We crammed as much fun as we could into the three short days and had a great time. The beautiful weather was a plus, too! William and Abby Kate had loads of fun together - jumping on the bed, chasing birds at the park, blowing bubbles, painting and hunting for Easter eggs, eating candy, going to Sunday School together, making sand castles on the beach and just plain horsing around. It went by way too fast and we miss you already! Thanks so much for coming to visit us!

The hunt.

AK finds her Easter basket early in the a.m.

Did no one tell them about the monkeys?!

A wagon ride from Mimi!

Saying good-bye. :(


Amber Wallace said...

I love the Easter pics! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. Cannot believe how much the two of them are growing. Luke wore the same exact sweater vest & shirt! Ha!

sara said...

Great photos, Case! You look great...and of course, the kids are darling! AK's hair is so, so blonde! Isabella has a mop of curls in the back! They've both come along way considering how little hair they started with!
Glad all is well with you guys!

Sarah said...

I love the one of AK laughing...I can just hear her! Wish we had the nice weather you all did...looks like fun!

Carrie, Brian and William said...

We had so much fun!! Love the pictures of William and AK, the one of them hugging goodbye is soo sweet! See you in a few weeks.

Meg Palmer said...

Adorable! I cannot believe how big they are. I am so glad you had your family there for Easter. Isn't it great to be with the fam especially on the holidays. Hope you are feeling well.

Lori said...

William and AK are so cute together! PS- I LOVE AK's headboard!!! Glad you had such a nice weekend.

Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Love the pictures! Looks like they were having so much fun together. Also, love love love Abby Kate's cute!