Monday, October 26, 2009

Three Already?!

Dear Abby Kate

I'm astounded at how much a child can grow and change in three years. Amazing. It's bittersweet because I adore the young girl you're becoming, but I'm going to miss your sweet baby-ness so much. And you just keeping getting more and more grown-up-looking and -sounding. Three years ago today I held your beautiful and precious life in my hands for the first time. And it's all gone by way too fast. Can't we just stay still for a little while?

You are my beautiful, little girl who I love beyond what I can say or write. You are so sweet and funny and just too smart. I could watch you play make-believe all day long. And I don't mind one bit that you correct me 20 times a day. (OK, it's a TRIcycle, not a BIcycle - sorry, you're right.) Your jovial personality and constant laughter keep us smiling. I love how great you are with Avery. You are the biggest helper! She will grow to love you so much. I am simply overflowing with love and pride for you. I thank God that He gave us you... we love you always.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.



Lori said...

Happy birthday sweet Abby Kate! You have become such a big girl! Casey, what a sweet glimpse into AK's precious personality. Oh, and thanks for making me cry (snot really-- haha!)!!! The time does go by too fast. I never understood this until I became a mommy. Continue to enjoy each moment!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Abby Kate! We miss you, miss you, miss you! Casey, that was such a sweet post and so true.
Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Wow, time flies! Looks like you guys are doing amazing, miss you!
Carrie Taylor