Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Missing Daddy

Yes, we are missing Daddy again. He's gone for over a month this time, training out west. So we packed up and came to Kentucky for a few weeks to pass the time a little faster. We've been super busy visiting and playing and going many different places everyday. It's been great! The days are flying by and we're so thankful to be able to spend time here in beautiful KY!!! We'll be here for Easter, and we are loving the 80-degree temps it's supposed to bring. Today is 75 and sunny and just gorgeous! By the time we get back home, it'll be beach weather in NC, so we're super excited about that too.

AK has been playing her hardest almost everyday with her cousin William and is loving every second of it. They are so cute to watch. Avery is warming up to everyone and finally getting a little less attached to me since we arrived. She is growing fast and becoming more adventurous each day. I just hope she doesn't start crawling before Mike gets back.

Visiting with friends and family has been great, and I'm glad I'll get to attend two showers while I'm here. I'm planning to run a 10-mile race in Louisville with my friend Lyndsay this Saturday. It's the last leg of the Triple Crown Run they do every year here leading up to the Derby in May. I'm looking forward to it. But I'm looking MORE forward to the end of it. :) I haven't been training near enough!

We've been talking to and actually seeing Daddy on the computer every few days using Skype. That's been a big plus. He can kiss the girls goodnight and they love it! Mike's doing well out there in CA, but I know he is missing his girls. We can't wait for him to get back!


sara said...

What? You're already here? I thought it was next month! Call me!

Lyndsay said...

Ha Ha - that picture of Avery and Eli cracks me up! Their size difference is so funny for 14 hrs apart in age! He looks so serious, probably thinking "why's that chick got my sippy cup?" These type of pictures will be so fun to share when they are older.
Two more days and torture to ourselves begins! WE can DO IT! 10 miles here we come! Maybe we should bring some vodka to add to our Red Bull for the end of the race. I'll be crawling to the car anyways! :)~

Sarah said...

Look at Abby Kate gettin' ready to ride! Wish I was there to see her. Good luck with the are a pro so you will do awesome! I'm wearing my Bridge Run T-shirt today.

Lori said...

So glad you are able to be with family during Mike's absence. The girls are beautiful and growing way too fast. Hoping the time goes by quickly!

Brandon and Carolyn Schroder said...

sorry Mike is gone! Its hard with kids! So glad you are able to go home for awhile!! Enjoy your visit!