Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tears for Daddy

Mike's been gone for five weeks now. AND HE COMES HOME TODAY!!! We are so happy!

This det has been especially hard for Abby Kate. A few days ago she had a melt-down in the grocery store because I wouldn't buy her a balloon. She pretty much lost her mind- I had NEVER seen her act that way before. Her cries turned into to heaving sobs and yelling right there in the check-out line. I found myself almost laughing at how bizarre she was acting. I asked her repeatedly to calm down and maybe we'd get a balloon next time. That was not what she wanted to hear, so more crying, more screaming...

The check-out lady said, "I have a Food Lion balloon here if she wants it?" I smiled at her and said thank you, but ABSOLUTELY NOT! No way was I going to reward her tantrum. :) So we walked out of the store as she cried and reached back for the grocery store and the princess balloon.

We get in the car and I tell her I'm going to call Daddy and tell him how terrible she was behaving. She started crying "Noooooo!!!! Don't tell him!!!" Then said through broken sobs and breaths:

AK: "You... know... why I'm cr....y-ing, Mommy?

Me: "Because you wanted a balloon?"

AK: "Because I miss Daddy-yyyyyyyyyy!" [crying his name]

Daggers. In. My. Heart.


My reaction must have told her plenty because every time she cries now about anything? Turns out she misses Daddy. :) Which has changed my reaction to an eye roll. She has been spending lots of time with her new Daddy Doll, a popular item for kids with moms or dads in the military. (I ordered AK and Avery one each. You can find them here.) "Daddy" has been going everywhere with AK.

We are SOOOO excited to be reunited with real Daddy today!!!!!


Chad and Sommer Tucker said...

Awwww...that breaks my heart. Griffin had some major melts downs while Chad was gone and he told me the same sad. Love the Daddy doll. Going to have to get one for Griffin and Riley here soon.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, she's a smart girl Case, knows how to play her momma now:)
Carrie Taylor

Carrie, Brian and William said...

That is soo eyes are filling up with tears. Daddy will have to do something special with AK.

Lindsey said...

Casey, that just gave me the did you not start crying with her!?!!! But at least he's home now. :) And pretty funny that she caught on, using that as a reason. smart girl. :)

Sarah said...

Those are SO cute! I wonder if they make them for spouses as well as kids? I could use someone to "run" things by when Colin is gone...such as that extra shoe purchase needed for the retail therapy I require during extended separation periods. :)
I would even settle for a cardboard cutout if they can't stuff a lifesize doll. HAHA!
So happy you are all back together!