Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Highway to Heaven

In the grocery store today, a man that had a speech impediment was bagging our groceries. I was cringing just waiting for AK to notice and say something. Of course two seconds later she said out loud, "Mommy, why does that guy talk funny?" I quickly distracted her and kept her busy until we were out the door. Same thing a couple weeks ago when she saw a man with Dwarfism. So when we got home today, I reminded AK that God makes people all different kinds of ways, and that we should never point out their differences out loud or stare. Then our conversation continued like this...

AK: OK, Mommy, I won't stare. I don't want to make people feel bad.

Me: Good girl.

AK: Why does God make people different?

Me: I don't know, you'll have to ask Him that one day when you go to heaven.

AK: When do we go to heaven?

Me: Hopefully after you've lived a long, full life. And I'll already be there too.

AK: You're going too? Oh, good, cuz I'd be too scared to drive myself.



sara said...

ok..cutest thing AK has said yet. We are working with Isabella on the "not staring" thing. She doesn't care if someone is different or not, she just likes to stare period!!

Sarah said...

SO cute. Give her a squeeze from me! Between our girls, I don't think we should abandon the book idea just yet. Let's give them a few more years for these gems if wisdom to come out and then revisit the idea. How about that?!!!